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Jessica Simpson has faced a barrage of unfounded accusations in recent months, with tabloids claiming that she’s gone overboard with plastic surgery, but now it seems as if the songstress’ appearance has her fans worried as well. Simpson recently debuted a new outfit on Instagram that she said was inspired by her son Ace, and the negative reaction from her fans was shocking to see. 

Jessica Simpson And Those Plastic Surgery Rumors

We first became aware of the tabloid rumors concerning Jessica Simpson’s alleged use of plastic surgery last spring after the National Enquirer reported that the former Newlyweds star was worrying fans with her unnatural, “fishy” appearance. In reality, this report was unfounded as there was no real concern from fans.

The piece focused on testimony from a plastic surgeon, who had never worked with (or likely even met) Simpson, and called her seemingly altered lips “unnatural and very unattractive.” We called it out at the time since it was obvious that the tabloid was just trying to justify its cruel treatment of Simpson. 

Tabloid Rumors Grow Worse

Over the last year, we’ve covered a number of additional reports about Simpson’s alleged plastic surgery, which all follow similar themes. Simpson’s lips are too big, which looks unnatural, which is unattractive. Some reports branch out a bit, like this one, also from the Enquirer, which claimed Simpson’s friends feared she’d developed an addiction to diet pills after the “Take My Breath Away” singer lost some weight. Of course, there was no evidence that Simpson was even suffering from a diet pill addiction, but the outlet has learned over its long, deceptive lifetime that the truth just doesn’t push sales in the same way as bald-faced lies.

Now, Simpson’s appearance seems to be sparking concern amongst her fans, based on reactions to the singer’s latest Instagram post. In the caption, Simpson wrote, “Tried something new with my fav bandana and my son’s Boston hat… trend worthy? Maybe.” A number of the comments simply said, “No,” which we’ll take to be a comment on Simpson’s outfit rather than her appearance in general. Other comments, however, were clearly remarking on Simpson’s apparently gaunt form. 

Fans Shocked By Simpson’s Latest Photo

“Are you ok?????” a fan commented, with another chiming in, “What happened with her omg” followed by an emoji crying a single tear. One clearly concerned fan wrote, “Her face looks super thin, I hope she’s ok.” While many of these comments, including some that insisted that Simpson was far too thin, were clearly well-meaning, though likely unsolicited, others were openly rude. Someone commented, “Jess you look STRESSED,” which we have to note is the last thing a person dealing with stress wants to hear. 

One user, whose comment we won’t share, even went so far as to accuse Simpson of being on drugs, which is unhelpful in so many ways. Though there were many, many, many comments focused on Simpson in a negative way, there were also plenty of examples of fans sticking up for Simpson. One wrote, “Some disgusting comments…hateful people aren’t happy people.”

As many celebrities have said over the years, constant scrutiny of their body, whether positive or negative, is an incredibly draining process. If there is something going on in Simpson’s personal life that’s affecting her appearance, the last thing she wants is for strangers on the internet to add their two cents. Simpson has been particularly open about her ups and downs over her life and if she would like to share something, that’s up to her. In the meantime, it’s best to tread lightly when commenting on someone’s appearance, regardless of whether that person is a celebrity or not. 

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