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It’s hard to overestimate just how widely the effects of COVID-19 spread. The pandemic disaffected virtually every aspect of our lives. Moreover, one could argue that kids bore the weight of some of the worst burdens. 

One of the most difficult adjustments children had to make was their schooling. Switching from eight-hour, in-person instruction to virtual classes in quarantine was a huge culture shock. Many children struggled to reach their full potential while learning remotely. 

This situation can be frustrating for all involved, especially when you worry if your child or grandchild might be falling behind or missing out on important hands-on learning. Luckily, KiwiCo is here to get your young ones back on track.

A Boost To At-Home Learning

From developmental milestones to excess screen time, there are plenty of undeniable downsides to remote learning. These drawbacks affected all ages and grade levels. 

As amazing as teachers are, the lack of infrastructure and resources made it difficult to make sure every child was attended to as much as possible. Consequently, already-busy caretakers had to become their child’s second teacher. 

KiwiCo seeks to step in where your child’s schooling ends. Each month, KiwiCo sends a crate specifically designed for a child’s age and interests. The crates contain projects and activities pertaining to a wide range of subjects, from sciences to the humanities. 

KiwiCo doesn’t replace at-home learning, it builds on it. The monthly subscription acts as a supplemental tool to help children of all ages explore and grow. It lets kids learn hands-on, not through a screen. 

As a result, children stay engaged, active, and curious.

KiwiCo tinker box with various wooden pieces, diagrams, and booklets
(KiwiCo Tinker Box)

The KiwiCo Basics

KiwiCo was created by a parent for parents. “We believe that creative confidence helps kids think big and act like creators and producers instead of just consumers,” KiwiCo’s founder and CEO Sandra Oh Lin wrote on their website

To give kids that extra confidence boost, KiwiCo has designed 1500 projects and sold over 30 million crates. KiwiCo spends over 1,000 hours developing each crate and ships to 40 countries. 

Crates’ subjects range from science to art to culture. KiwiCo offers nine crate options for newborns through teens. But they’re not just comprehensive; they’re also convenient. 

KiwiCo is a subscription service that includes the tools, materials, and inspiration to explore that month’s project. After you place your first order, you can sit back and let them do the rest of the work for you. They curate a crate for your child or grandchild and deliver it straight to your door—no remembering to re-order, long waits, or store pick-ups.

Electrical wiring kit with tools, finished light, and booklet
(KiwiCo Maker Crate)

It Isn’t Rocket Science; It’s Made By Rocket Science

The key to KiwiCo’s success is in its development. KiwiCo’s creative team includes educators, engineers, and literal rocket scientists—all experts in their crate’s specific field. 

First, an advisory board of educators, developmental psychologists, and artists review each crate. Then, an in-house crew of kids tests each crate to ensure the projects are engaging, appealing, and easy to follow. (Because who better to test kids’ crates than kids?) 

KiwiCo crates offer countless benefits. The Maker (14+) and Doodle (9-16) crates center specifically around creativity and art education. Research shows that art education has tremendous positive impacts on academic, social, and emotional wellbeing. 

The company also makes a wide variety of STEAM crates (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), including the Kiwi (5-8), Eureka (12+), Tinker (9-14), and Yummy (6-14) crates. 

The Panda (0-24 months) and Koala (2-4) crates are designed for babies and toddlers to help them play, learn, and explore while supporting their developmental milestones.

Introducing younger children to STEAM (STEM plus the Arts) can help set a strong foundation for all future learning, making the Kiwi and Koala crates invaluable resources for your child’s development.

Girl and boy play with interactive activity at table

An All-Around Knockout

The pandemic has changed kids’ education for the foreseeable future. KiwiCo makes sure those kids still reach every milestone they’d meet in the classroom—and then some. 

KiwiCo crates are great outlets for young children’s energy and imagination. Whether they’re starting daycare or the 5th grade, young kids will love getting a unique and exciting project each month. 

KiwiCo crates are just as beneficial for older kids as well. Help your preteens gain confidence, get a leg up on their studies, or simply get off their smartphone for a while. The projects are so engaging it won’t even feel like homework. 

Finally, KiwiCo crates are affordable. The majority of monthly subscriptions are $22.95 per month. This excludes the Maker and Eureka crates, which are $31.95 per month. It also excludes the Panda crate, which is $41.90 per crate delivered every two months. 

You can receive a discount on the per-crate price by signing up for three, six, or 12-month subscriptions, which are as low as $17.50 per month. These subscriptions are paid in full at checkout.

KiwiCo Benefits Last For Life

KiwiCo crates cost less than one night of family dinner. They’re likely less expensive than that toy they’ve been pining over, and they’re certainly cheaper than a smart device. But when it comes to KiwiCo’s developmental benefits, they’re worth their weight in gold. 

Indeed, this subscription service will pay itself back in no time. Your child or grandchild will love their newfound confidence, skill sets, and most importantly, all the fun they’re having! 

In addition, you’ll love knowing that they’re learning as much as possible, regardless of how COVID is affecting their usual routine. A KiwiCo subscription provides children with tools and know-how they’ll use long after their last crate arrives. 

Remote learning might be around for much longer than we think. But thanks to KiwiCo, you can rest assured that the child in your life won’t miss a beat.

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