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Family’s anguish as pet dog spooked by fireworks on Bonfire night is killed by car

A FAMILY has spoken of their anguish over the loss of their dog who was run over and killed on Bonfire Night after being spooked by fireworks.

Cadi, the five-year-old Cocker Springer Spaniel, was hit by a car near the family home in Cardiff, Wales, when she bolted after hearing loud explosions.

The dog’s owner Garry Hamilton, 58, said he let out his pet to the garden to relieve herself when a series of fireworks were let off.

“It was all quiet when we let her out, but it suddenly got very noisy very quickly,” he told the Daily Mail.

The family said that Cadi, terrified by the explosions, had bolted through the garden’s wooden fence and was later spotted running around a nearby park panicked.

“She must have freaked out and escaped somehow, but before I could go and look for her I got word that she’d been hit by a car and killed,” Gary recalled.

Source: thesun

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