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Find out how to bet on the NFL Draft online with our in-depth betting guide. Check out what kind of bets you can place, with some tips and tricks ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft.

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More on How to bet on the NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft: The Preview

The 2022 NFL Draft is upon us. This offseason has already been wacky and wild, chock-full of blockbuster moves, surprise trades, big-name holdouts, you name it. But who’s to say the draft will be any quieter?

Defensive end Aidan Hutchinson was a long-time market leader as favorite to be picked No. 1 overall, but has been taken over by edge rusher Travon Walker. The former Georgia Bulldog’s price has crashed from +2800 to -225 just days before the draft. Pretty impressive for a guy who hadn’t started a college football game until September.

For the first time in many years, there are no quarterbacks among the top five favorites, with this year’s QB class seemingly weaker than in years gone by. Regardless of who goes first overall, get set for a weekend full of tears, trades and talent on show. 

Most Common NFL Draft Bets

There are a wide range of different NFL Draft markets for you to wager your money on, however we understand that they can sometimes be confusing. The Post goes through some of the markets offered and explains them below.

First Overall Pick 

No doubt everyone’s eyes will be fixed on who the No. 1 overall pick is in the draft. When you visit any of the best NFL draft betting sites, you’ll likely see this market at the forefront of their draft selections. 

For this wager, you are betting on who will be selected first overall in the draft, with this year’s first pick belonging to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The market for the first overall draft pick would look something like this: 

Player Odds to be No.1 Pick
Travon Walker -200
Aidan Hutchinson +220
Ikem Ekwonu +1000
Evan Neal +1600

As you can see, it is often the case that there is an outright heavy favorite, with this year’s favorite being Travon Walker. This would be due to the team who holds the No. 1 pick, and their needs for their roster. 

The only thing that matters with this market is whether the player you’re betting on is drafted first overall or not. This bet does not take into account the player’s position, or the team which drafts them, just solely if they are the first pick in the draft. 

As well as “first played drafted” markets, there are also second and third player drafted markets as well. In this instance, you will only need to focus on the players that are drafted second and third, not the teams or position they play, however it’ll be important to consider the teams that have the second and third overall picks when placing your bets.

Team’s First Player Drafted Markets

This market is very simple to understand, with this wager being on which player a specific team will draft first. If you’re a Jets or Giants fan, then this is a great way to get involved in the draft, thinking about who your team will select with their first pick in the draft. 

There are a number of factors to take into account when betting on this market, such as what number pick each team has in the draft, as well as the players that are available. 

For example, the New York Jets have this year’s fourth overall pick, meaning you’ll need to think about the three teams picking before the Jets, as well as who the Jets will be targeting to take to bolster their roster.

The betting for a market like this will looking something along the lines of this:

New York Jets First Player Drafted Odds
Ahmad Gardner (Cornerback) +350
Kayvon Thiboedeaux (Defensive End) +450
Kyle Hamilton (Safety) +500
Ikem Ekwonu (Offensive Tackle) +500
Derek Stingley (Cornerback) +500
The Field +950

As you can see, there are players that play several different positions here, meaning the market is wide open for who they will select. The odds are also very enticing, as there are so many variables to consider. 

It is worth considering that as the Jets have the fourth overall pick, there will be at least two of these players available for selection, with ‘The Field’ referring to anyone else not listed in this table. 

Position of Team’s First Pick

With this market, you’ll only be betting on the position of the player that a team chooses as their first pick, and not the player themselves.

Here, you will need to take into account the different players that are available in the draft, the number pick a team has, as well as the depth each team has in each position. 

For example, if the New York Giants are lacking depth at quarterback, they’ll most likely go after a QB with their first pick. 

However, given they have the sixth overall pick, they may turn their attention to another position, such as wide receiver or offensive line. The market itself looks something like:

Position of Giants First Draft Pick Odds
Wide Receiver +180
Cornerback +190
Offensive Lineman +450
Linebacker +800
Defensive Lineman +900

There will also be Position of Second Draft Pick markets available for the teams who have the highest picks in the first round. It’s important to do your research before placing any of your NFL Draft bets, especially if you’re betting on certain markets, such as First Position Drafted.’

As seen below, quarterbacks are the outright most popular choice when it comes to the first draft pick, but this may not be the case this year. Regardless, it’s important to keep in mind the statistics from the previous NFL drafts. 

Year First Position Drafted
2009 Quarterback
2010 Quarterback
2011 Quarterback
2012 Quarterback
2013 Offensive Tackle
2014 Defensive End
2015 Quarterback
2016 Quarterback
2017 Defensive End
2018 Quarterback
2019 Quarterback
2020 Quarterback

Team to Draft Player Markets

This market, much like the others, is also quite simple: you’re betting on which team will draft which player. If you’ve followed a player closely through college, or are just a fan of their style, then this market is for you. 

Similarly to the Position of First Team’s Pick market, you will need to consider the overall pick a certain team has, the position of the player and the team’s individual needs for their roster. 

When betting on this market, it’ll be helpful to consider the First Player Drafted markets when deciding which player/team you’re betting on, as if a team has the sixth overall pick, they most likely won’t be getting Travon Walker, the favorite in this year’s draft. 

In terms of the market itself, this is how one would usually look for this year’s NFL Draft, using QB Malik Willis as an example. 

Team to Draft Malik Willis Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers +150
New Orleans Saints +300
Carolina Panthers +500
Atlanta Falcons +600
Detroit Lions +1000

Draft Prop Markets

NFL Draft prop bets allow you to bet on the more obscure and irregular markets during the NFL draft, giving you the chance to get creative with your picks ahead of draft weekend. 

Some of the most popular prop markets are the position of “Mr. Irrelevant” (who will be selected last), or in which round the first kicker or punter will be drafted in. These props are fun ways of spicing up the draft, and offer some different markets. 

These markets allow users to bet on a different side of the NFL Draft, avoiding the more popular markets in the process.

Totals Draft Markets

In terms of the NFL Draft, total betting is where you bet on whether the total number of players drafted per position will be over or under a certain line that has been predetermined by the sportsbook.

For example, you may bet on there to be over a certain number of wide receivers drafted in the first round, or under a certain number of quarterbacks drafted in the second round.

An example of the betting for this market can be seen below:

Quarterbacks Drafted in Round One: 5.5 Odds
Over  -110
Under +100

In addition to this, bookmakers will also offer odds on specific teams to draft over or under a certain number of players per position, with this market allowing you to focus on individual teams instead of the overall draft.

For example, a market such as this will look something along the lines of:

Giants to Draft Wide Receivers 1.5 Odds
Over  -110
Under -105

Betting on specific teams’ draft results offers a more unique avenue to go down with your NFL Draft betting, as you’re only focusing on what specific teams do with their picks as opposed to the draft as a whole.

Betting on Draft Position

Player Draft Position markets are easy to understand, as to put it simply: you are betting on whether you think a certain player will be drafted over or under a line that’s been predetermined by your sportsbook.

An example of what this market may look like can be seen below:

Kenny Pickett Draft Position 6.5 Odds
Over  -110
Under  -110

These markets are beneficial if you’re looking to bet on a specific player’s draft position, or if you prefer to bet on the NFL draft while just focusing on certain players. 

First Positional Player Drafted 

This market is very similar to First Player Drafted markets, with the only difference being that here, you’re betting on the first player drafted for each position, such as quarterback or offensive lineman, and not first player drafted overall.

The betting for a market such as this will end up looking something like:

First Wide Receiver Drafted Odds
Garrett Wilson -200
Jameson Williams +200
Drake London +225
Chris Olave +2000
Treylon Burks +2000

It’s important to consider the draft order, as well as which teams are weak in certain areas, when betting on this market, as this can make your picks a lot easier to choose.

Live Draft Betting

Live betting, or in-play, comes into its own for the NFL Draft. As teams draft players, the odds and lines are constantly changing, with surprises a regular occurrence in the first round of the NFL Draft. 

Online sportsbooks will have markets on the next player to be drafted, or next position to be drafted, which will be constantly updated throughout the draft.  Expect last minute trades, unexpected selections and plenty more. 

NFL Draft Betting Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to Mock drafts

The NFL Draft has gained popularity in the past decade and there are a number of sources dedicated to reading the tea leaves and projecting the proper order of players selected in the NFL Draft. These mock drafts are a great place to start your NFL Draft handicapping.

News and Rumors

Keep your ear to the ground when it comes to draft news and rumors. Make sure to follow the NFL insiders and draft analysts on social media and get the latest takes and rumblings from team head offices, especially as it pertains to potential trades and teams moving up in the draft order.

Take what you need, not what you want

NFL teams don’t always draft the best talent available and rather opt to fill team needs at certain positions. This means that highly touted players could fall back in the draft if those clubs with early picks don’t need help at those positions.  

NFL Combine and Pro Days

The annual NFL Scouting Combine puts the top prospects on display, working those players through a series of tests and drills to help teams get a deeper dive into their skill sets. Some players will pass on the official combine and host their own pro day, inviting scouts to witness a planned and controlled session. Monitor the reaction before and after these events to have a pulse on players’ draft stock.

Bet early and watch for steam

NFL Draft odds start to trickle out in the early spring and really ramp up in the week before the draft itself. For those early markets, any softer odds won’t stay put for long as sharper and professional bettors jump in and make their bets. If you do have a solid opinion on the opening draft odds, pounce on them while also monitoring which markets are moving the most.

Wait until late

The juiciest and most actionable information for betting on the NFL Draft comes out in the 48 hours before Round 1. Team’s picks and plans can often leak to the media within this window, allowing you to beat your bookies to the punch before they pull the odds off the board. Some sportsbooks are required to close NFL Draft betting within this two-day window, so make sure you know the house rules at your respective betting site of choice.

How to bet on the NFL Draft FAQs

When is the 2022 NFL Draft?

The 2022 NFL Draft begins on April 28 with Round 1. Rounds 2 and 3 will be on April 29, with Rounds 4-7 closing it out on Saturday, April 30.

Who are the best players in the 2022 NFL Draft?

While this year’s class appears to lack the clear-cut top quarterback prospect, Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson and Oregon’s Kayvon Thibodeaux have long been seen as the gems, with Alabama’s Evan Neal not far off.

Where can I bet on the NFL Draft? 

Many of the best sports betting sites will offer a range of markets for the NFL Draft. Check out the best sports betting sites to see which offers you can claim ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft. 

How can I watch the NFL Draft?

The entirety of the 2022 NFL Draft will be broadcast across ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network, as well as streamed on NFL.com.

Source: NYPOST

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