Jacksonville Beach restaurant owner in ICU after pool accident
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Sarunyu Boonsanong ‘Guy’ hit his head while diving into a swimming pool with his son.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville Beach restaurant owner has been in a coma for 11 days.

On Father’s Day, the owner of Buddha Thai Bistro, also known as Buddha’s Belly, went for a swim with his son and his wife says he hit his head diving in the pool. His family and customers are holding on to hope.

It started off as an innocent Father’s Day for Naphat Bukum and her husband, Sarunyu Boonsanong who goes by ‘Guy.’

She says they were going out to celebrate before her husband and oldest son jumped into their backyard pool for a swim.

“At some point, I see only Kingston, my oldest son and I don’t see Guy coming up so at some point I asked Kingston is daddy okay because I don’t see him coming up, and I thought they were playing,” said Bukum.

Guy never came back up. In fact, his wife had to jump in and pull him up.

She says by that time, she realized he may have hit his head while jumping in.

“I’m yelling and screaming saying hey don’t die on me don’t leave us, it’s like a nightmare,” said Bukum.

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Guy was rushed to the hospital, where he was checked into the ICU. Doctors say he broke his spinal cord and has severe brain damage.

“My husband is a fighter and he never gives up on anything and he has so much waiting for him… his boys and also the baby,” said his wife, Bukum.

Guy and his wife, who have two young boys, are expecting a baby boy in two weeks.

She says the only thing she wants is a miracle for her best friend of ten years.

“Thank you so much and just keep praying and sending love to him,” said Bukum.

Buddha Tai Bistro has been in business for 12 years and the doors are still open.

If you would like to support Guy and his family, you can support their business, which is located at 301 10th Ave N, Jacksonville Beach.

There is also a GoFundMe to help cover costs of medical expenses.

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