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Is Jessica Simpson addicted to plastic surgery? One report says her husband, Eric Johnson, is begging her to stop. Gossip Cop investigates.

Jessica Simpson ‘Fighting Nonstop’ With Husband?

Per OK!, an Instagram post from Simpson raised alarms for fans, revealing the singer as almost unrecognizable. Johnson is apparently not happy about the work she’s had done and looks down upon her vanity. The source explains, “Jessica is preoccupied with plastic surgery, and it’s putting a real strain on things with Eric.”

While Simpson and Johnson do love each other, the insider explains, they’re now fighting a lot. Simpson supposedly just laughs off Johnson’s fears, but that’s only making it worse, the snitch says. “It’s actually driving a big wedge between them.”

Johnson, the source continues, is beginning to feel like Simpson is a hypocrite. “It’s confusing to him how she works so hard to prove she’s a devoted wife and mother, while at the same time she’s fixating so much on superficial stuff that shouldn’t matter, especially at this stage in her life,” they say.

Friends of Simpson reportedly want her to listen to Johnson. They think plastic surgery is far too trivial a thing to destroy a marriage over. Johnson feels her time and “energy would be better served concentrating on their family,” the source concludes.

What’s Going On With Jessica Simpson?

This story boasts nearly every red flag that a tabloid story can have. It quotes friends of Jessica Simpson as if they would ever go rogue and talk to a tabloid. It claims to know how Johnson feels, something literally only Johnson could tell you. It’s also rather sexist.

In so many words, this story agues Simpson is a worse mother because she got plastic surgery. All these quotes from so-called sources repeatedly state she’s superficial and has the wrong priorities if she goes under the knife This is what sexism looks like. Simpson’s body has always been heavily scrutinized ever since she became a celebrity. She’s always either too big or too small and tabloids blow up her photos to prove it.

This is such an aggravating story. Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson appear to be as happy as ever, and Simpson can do with her body whatever she pleases. This outlet would surely attack her for aging just as it’s attacking her for getting plastic surgery. If getting surgery is her prerogative, then more power to her.

There’s Some History Here

OK! once announced Simpson was planning a duet with Johnson. Gossip Cop spoke to Simpson’s rep, who laughed off the story and explained, “Eric’s not a singer.” Before that, it claimed Johnson was sick of Simpson discussing her ex-boyfriends.

It’s not as if Simpson is constantly discussing Nick Lachey unless she’s prompted or writing a book, so this didn’t add up either. Johnson and Simpson are still happily married after all these preposterous stories, so it seems this tabloid has no idea what’s talking about.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.suggest.com/feed/

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