Kudlow Declares ‘Marlow Is Right’ About Joe Biden Days Ahead of ‘Breaking Biden’ Release
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Fox Business host Larry Kudlow agreed with – Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s recent editorial about his forthcoming book Breaking Biden arguing that Republicans need to “reset” their narrative about President Joe Biden to focus on his corruption and policy failures rather than his age and gaffes.

In an interview on Wednesday with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Kudlow highlighted Marlow’s opinion piece which was published on – that morning.

“There’s a very interesting editorial on -, which is a great news site,” Kudlow said. “The editor Marlow is saying, you know, with respect to Joe Biden that we should switch gears. We shouldn’t be so obsessed with his age or his infirmity or even his gaffes. What we should be focusing on is the Biden corruption and the Biden policy mistakes.”

“I think Marlow is right,” Kudlow stated. “It’s not age. It’s a) the failure of Bidenomics and the rest of his policies and b) the corruption. That’s where the GOP should aim its fire.”

For his part, the Texas senator agreed but reasoned that this is not “an either-or” issue.

“There’s no doubt Biden has had enough mental deterioration that he’s not up to the job and that our enemies are emboldened by a weak and infirm president,” Cruz said. “But you’re absolutely right. The corruption from the Biden White House is massive. The evidence is growing.”

In his – editorial on Wednesday, Marlow wrote:

[Biden] does have a vast rolodex that he has developed over 50(!) years in Washington. This includes a network of billionaires, some of whom will be unfamiliar to you, who bankroll his grassroots. You’ll meet many of them in Breaking Biden. All of them ought to be exposed for who they are and what they’ve done, but the buck stops with Joe.

Americans have always underestimated Joe Biden, conservatives in particular, and we have done so at our own peril. He was lousy in school and got busted plagiarizing multiple times, his absentmindedness is legendary, and his stumbles and bumbles instantly go viral online, giving his haters many a self-satisfied laugh. (I’m not above this, and I do break down many of my favorite Biden brain freezes in the book.)

And yet, he’s in the White House. They are in the White House. And they may be there for quite some time.

Unless, of course, the Right figures out how to break Joe Biden. I think it’s clear by this point that declaring him old and stupid ain’t gonna cut it.

Marlow’s Breaking Biden provides ample proof of Kudlow’s claim about “the failure of Bidenomics.” In a heavily footnoted section of the book, Marlow takes aim at “Bidenflation” and pins America’s economic woes squarely on Biden’s disastrous inflationary policies.

Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration is available for preorder now and will arrive in bookstores on October 3.

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