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Cindy Axne is the only Democrat in Iowa’s Congressional delegation, and she may not hold that distinction much longer; in 2020, she was reelected with only 48.9% of the vote, down from 49.3% in 2018. If November 2022 turns out to be the red wave that nearly everyone is expecting, and given how sharply her values diverge from those most Iowans, Cindy Axne will be back in West Des Moines looking for work. It couldn’t come a moment too soon. Axne, who has mocked her Christian constituents, recently put on that most visible sign of the oppression of women, a hijab, to visit an Islamic center in Des Moines. The Left has a favorite religion, and it certainly isn’t Christianity.

Breitbart reported Wednesday that Axne, “last September, was caught on a recording during an appearance with a far-left activist group from New York, Markers For Democracy, where she discussed her party’s response to the coronavirus pandemic when she made vulgar comments about her constituents of the Christian faith.” Iowa is 77% Christian.

Axne sounded as if she would be much more at home on the Left Coast than in flyover country when she said: “So now all the schools are back wanting to put mask mandates in, and all of the anti-vaxxer crazies are out there with their – it’s a hot mess. I’ll be honest, Christian right, everything under the guise while they hold a cross for God or whatever. They use it like a weapon, and it’s painful to watch because they’ve weaponized religion, they’ve weaponized politics.”

Axne, who says she is a Roman Catholic, doesn’t have a similarly dim view of Muslims, however, despite the fact that some Muslims have shown themselves to be unrivalled masters of weaponizing religion. On Monday, Axne posted this on Facebook: “I visited the Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak of Des Moines for an Iftar meal and to meet with members of es-Selam Mosque. I left with my arms full of delicious leftovers and a deep sense of pride in the diversity that makes Iowa such a rich community. Thank you for the warm welcome and I look forward to my next visit!”

There’s that word again: diversity. The Left loves it, of course, and demands that we celebrate it at every opportunity, and yet Leftists make it clear that the diversity that they so prize, and so energetically push upon the rest of us, doesn’t include the largest racial group in the country, or the largest religion. Axne’s open contempt for those who “hold a cross for God” and warm embrace of Des Moines-area Muslims is of a piece with the general contempt that the Left has for what has been the dominant culture. The pulling-down of statues of American heroes, including even Thomas Jefferson, is another manifestation of the same impulse.

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The Left’s overall objective is to do nothing less than shame Americans into acquiescing in the discarding of their own culture and heritage, and its replacement with one that is quite different. Christianity, with its emphasis on the dignity of every human being, must go. Islam, which readily lends itself to authoritarianism as the perfect Islamic society, based on Islamic law (Sharia), is authoritarian in itself, is much more readily compatible with the Left’s increasingly open distaste for the freedom of speech and the free society that free speech makes possible.

And then there’s the hijab, which Axne happily donned while she was in the mosque. A simple gesture of respect and courtesy? Sure. But there are women around the world, and inside the United States as well, who have been threatened, brutalized, and even killed for not wearing the hijab, which is based on the idea that it is the woman’s responsibility to ensure that men are not tempted, and the woman’s fault if men are tempted anyway.

The hijab, as many Muslim and ex-Muslim women have attested, is a symbol of misogyny and the oppression of women. Cindy Axne was bowing to the Left’s idol of multiculturalism when she put it on, but her doing so manifested an ignorance of or indifference to the plight of Muslim women — or both.

Cindy Axne is a minor member of Congress, known more for allegations of corruption than anything else. And she likely won’t be a member of Congress at all after January 2023. But she is also a typical Leftist, sneering at Christians, accepting uncritically all things Islamic, and readily furthering the COVID hysteria and the rest of her masters’ authoritarian agenda. She may be leaving Washington soon, but there are many, many others like her.

Source: This post first appeared on PJ Media

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