Did British leftwing rag The Guardian pull down its “Person of the Year” poll after an undesirable took a commanding lead? That’s the allegation being made after voting was abruptly shut down following the realization that J.K. Rowling was going to run away with it.

This per The Daily Wire.

Readers of the British newspaper, The Guardian, are accusing the outlet of deactivating an online poll that asked readers to vote on “Person of the Year” after it became apparent that J.K. Rowling would handily win.

“Tell us: who is your 2021 person of the year?” ran the headline, posted on Dec. 15, with the subtitle, “Time Magazine chose billionaire Tesla boss Elon Musk – but who would be your choice?” A short time later, when Rowling was far and away in the lead, the voting form disappeared along with the results to that point. A message in small print stated, “This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions.”

Rowling has stirred international controversy over the last few years because she publicly believes that biological sex exists, and just as importantly, that it matters. The famed author was labeled a “transphobe” following comments where she sarcastically suggested that only women could menstruate (see J.K. Rowling Returns Kennedy Humanitarian Award After the Group’s President Accuses Her of “Transphobia”).

Since then, she’s only become more outspoken, drawing the ire of the trans-activist left at numerous points over the last year. Rowling has largely proven “too big” to cancel, though, and while she’s angered some, she’s also drawn a large base of support for her willingness to speak plain, biological truth.

So did The Guardian cancel their poll because Rowling was going to win it? I can’t say for sure. You’d think if the polling period had ended, that they’d update the page to say that. Further, you’d expect an online poll to have its results released fairly quickly, if not immediately. Instead, a generic message about the form being deactivated is the only bit of information on a page that otherwise appears to still be promoting the poll.

Let’s call it inconclusive, but probable just to be safe. If it wasn’t pulled down, then we should see Rowling given the crown shortly, right? If not, then we have our answer.

Still, I think the fact that Rowling held such a commanding lead shows that a majority of people still maintain some sanity when it comes to trans ideology. Yes, people are free to wear and act as they please. But they are not entitled to others feeding their delusions, whether it’s the use of an unlimited amount of pronouns or having to affirm dozens of different “genders” that don’t actually exist.

Source: This post first appeared on RedState

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