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A man recently took to the subreddit “r/AmItheAsshole” to present a scenario in which his girlfriend had passed out in the shower and her roommate’s boyfriend had to save her. Instead of being worried that his girlfriend may have had serious injuries or an underlying medical condition, he was more bothered by the fact that another guy ended up seeing his GF naked. When he asked Reddit if he was the jerk, their resounding answer was yelled in unison by all. For one brief moment in the most divisive year in history, the whole world agreed upon one thing. This man is clearly an assholer.

The Jerk Has Spoken

As you can see from the thread contained below, everyone seemed to share the same overall opinion of the story. This seems to be an insecure wreck of a man who took a scenario and clearly prioritized the wrong aspects of it.

But the beauty of this strange scenario is not the comment itself, but the troves of responses to the comment from the overall public. Everyone was equally appalled by this story and somewhat floored that the person posting it seemed so oblivious to their own blatant assholery.

For people taking notes, if someone you love ever falls in the shower, putting their health first and making sure they are okay above and beyond all things should be the priority. This man seems to have missed that memo. The world was quick to point out just how wrong he was in how he both perceived and how he handled the incident.

The Masses Have Spoken

People may talk smack about Twitter and how quickly it seems to want to cancel everybody, but sometimes the place is an actual gold mine. This is one of those examples. There is not one person on this thread supporting him and his ego-driven response to an actual crisis.

Highlights from the responses to his question include:

But the best comment of all of them stands by itself:

Well, the world has spoken buddy. You presented them with an honest scenario and asked everyone’s opinion and everyone has spoken.

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