Unexpected behavior from players and fans should be no surprise to NFL athletes at this point. It was in a Buccaneers-Rams game where Tom Brady showed poor on-the-field behavior in a temper in November 2021. Luckily, Matthew Stafford took his team’s loss on Sunday far better. As reported by the New York Post, Kelly Stafford broke the game down a little further when she spoke on the latest episode of her podcast “The Morning After.” She said how “wild” the vibe was. “I’m not going to lie, I have never seen so many of the opposing team’s fans at a game.” 

The quarterback’s wife noted the noise changed a simple process. “Matthew is on a silent count … When he hikes the ball, it’s either a loud count where you can hear him, and that’s usually what quarterbacks are on when they’re at home,” she explained. “Matthew is on a silent count, Jimmy Garoppolo was not — who is the opposing quarterback. It was crazy,” (via New York Post).

With the details of the 2022 Super Bowl shaping up and its February 13 date quickly approaching, the 49ers move into the playoffs against the Dallas Cowboys, and the Rams will play at home once again, this time against the Arizona Cardinals, per USA Today. Kelly Stafford left a parting message for followers in her Instagram video highlighting the discussion from her podcast. “My plea: Please don’t sell you[r] tickets to Arizona fans.”

Source: Nicki Swift

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