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Is Jeopardy! co-host Mayim Bialik leaving the program already? One tabloid claims the Big Bang Theory alum is sick of going up against critics, and she’s ready to leave the show in the hands of her co-host, Ken Jennings. Here’s what we know the future of Jeopardy!.

Bialik Tired Of Being A ‘Public Punching Bag’

This week, the National Enquirer reports Mayim Bialik’s time on Jeopardy! hasn’t been easy, and she’s the first to admit it. Many longtime viewers haven’t been shy about expressing their preference for Bialik’s co-host, Ken Jennings. Bialik and Jennings have been sharing hosting duties since last fall, and “she’s been dealing with blowback ever since!” an insider dishes. “Everyone expected Ken to get the gig, and his fans have been filleting her.” And during a recent interview, Bialik finally opened up about how she’s dealing with online criticism. But the tabloid insists her comments came off as “whining” and “bellyaching.”

Her role on Jeopardy! isn’t her only source of controversy. After revealing that she didn’t vaccinate her children at the time they were born, many internet critics were quick to label her as an “anti-vaxxer.” Her comments were taken out of context, as she only meant that she was late to vaccinate her children — she’s adamant that she does believe in vaccines. Unfortunately, her clarification didn’t come soon enough, and the internet critics took their toll. Now, sources say she’s “had enough” and she is thinking about giving up her spot at Jeopardy! to avoid further batterings.

Who’s Going To Host Jeopardy?

This story is so unnecessary and doesn’t add any meaningful information. Yes, Mayim Bialik said that she hasn’t enjoyed the online backlash. But she hasn’t “whined” or “bellyached” about it. On the contrary, she’s actually been very brief and calm when talking about the criticism she’s received. During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Bialik said, “I think it’s been a big learning curve, but also a really humbling one. I feel like I weathered it to the best of my ability,” adding, “I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, and I totally get that. My goal is to blend into the podium as much as I can and have it not be about all of that other stuff.”

But as far as her future on the show is concerned, no one knows how much longer Bialik is going to be co-hosting Jeopardy!, not even Bialik herself. And since she has faced immense criticism — and she’s also busy filming her sitcom Call Me Kat three weeks out of the month — we wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to bow out. That being said, she’s maintained that she loves the show, and it doesn’t look like the critics have pushed her out just yet. So, we’ll see how things pan out for Bialik. But, in the meantime, Jeopardy! fans shouldn’t trust this tabloid for updates on the show.

What About These Other Shows?

This is far from the first time the National Enquirer has made up a story about a celebrity quitting a popular TV program. Last year, the outlet claimed Scarlett Johansson was forcing Colin Jost to quit Saturday Night Live. Then the magazine reported Whoopi Goldberg was leaving The View. Then the tabloid alleged Tom Selleck was leaving Blue Bloods. And finally, the publication claimed Ellen Pompeo was leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Obviously, the Enquirer doesn’t have the scoop on celebrities’ career plans that it pretends to.

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