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Nine Political Editor Chris Uhlmann said Australia’s newly-announced Defence expansion wasn’t just about “boots on the ground”, with international warfare entering a new era.

“This has been coming for some time and the Prime Minister has been talking about the rising threat level for some time,” Uhlmann said on Today.

“The Prime Minister has been explicit about the threat coming from China, it’s the information war which is raging inside this country.”

Uhlmann said Australia had seen “infiltration” into its politics and universities.

“So when we are talking about modern warfare, we are not just talking about getting nuclear submarines or more guns or more boots on the ground, we are talking about a new kind of warfare and learning to fight it better,” he said.

“I think we will see the usual huffing and puffing from China but one of the reasons that Australia is doing this is, no country on earth is expanding their military more rapidly than China is and we need to rise to meet that threat.

“I don’t think Australia will face the threat of invasion like we’re seeing in Russia but we do face other threats and in our region as we see China expand its bases and move into the Pacific.”

Source: 9News

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