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A “MONSTER” New York City neighbor terrorized her apartment building for years before stabbing a woman to death as she arrived home with her fiancée.

Evelyn Cruz, 48, is charged with the murder of Jessica Britt, 33, after reportedly stabbing her “multiple times” in the chest in the Queens complex on January 22.

The Far Rockaway complex terrorized by Evelyn Cruz


The Far Rockaway complex terrorized by Evelyn Cruz

Britt was planning to get married just a few days after her death.

Cruz had reportedly taped menacing messages directed at other tenants on the entrance to her Far Rockaway apartment.

“Think again before … is … too late .. wrong door,” it read, according to New York Daily News.

Cruz’s brutal attack had come as no surprise to other residents who had warned that someone would be killed if action wasn’t taken to stop her reign of terror.

“This is an ongoing issue that should have been handled a long, long, long time ago,” neighbor Philip Thomas, 47, told Daily News.

“I’ve told them that no one’s going to do something until someone is killed.”

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He said that some of the signs full of warnings on Cruz’s door also targeted him.

The signs reportedly called him a “crackhead lover” and “cop-caller snitch.”

Cruz had reportedly violently assaulted at least two other residents in the building over the past years, and verbally assaulted and threatened others.

In November 2019, Cruz was given a menacing charge when she threatened to cut a neighbor with a razor blade.

Only six months earlier she had reportedly slashed the neck of another building resident.

Victim Alise Brown, 32, told Daily News that she had problems with Cruz for three years before the assault.

On May 21, 2019, she was targeted by Cruz after she interrupted her while the suspect was chasing another woman with a butcher’s knife.

“She said, ‘I’m going to cut your pretty face b—h,’ and the next thing you know I just see blood coming down my neck,” Brown said.

“The doctor said I’m lucky I got to the hospital in time because I could have died.”

Brown required ten stitches and for an order of protection against Cruz, who was sentenced to six months behind bars and given a conditional discharge.


Another victim Beverly Tompkins, 65, said that she first encountered Cruz in a laundromat when the suspect rolled her eyes at her.

“The next thing, I had my granddaughter and I was taking her to school, and she started cursing at me and calling me all kinds of names, and saying she was going to beat me up in the street,” she said.

“I’m happy that she’s gone, but I’m sorry it had to happen that way,” Tompkins added. 

“A young girl is dead.”

Brown said that after the assault she spoke to the landlord and directly with the management of the 917-unit complex but the complaints were reportedly ignored.

“I warned them, I begged them, I was shaking,” Brown said.

“Everybody knew something like this was going to happen.”


Thomas said that she had beaten his door with a baseball bat and exposed herself to another pair of neighbors.

“She terrorized this whole floor pretty much,” he said.

“This was a snowball effect.”

One wheelchair-bound man allegedly fled the building after her bullying and Cruz is also said to have threatened to assault a grandmother on the street outside.

Cruz was aware of her “monster” nickname and reportedly bragged of it as she threatened her neighbors.

“They don’t call me a monster for nothing,” police said she told a neighbor last June.

“Do you want a problem?”


Britt’s fianéee Elizabeth Blue reportedly watched on helplessly as Cruz attacked her fatally as they arrived homes from celebrating their new jobs.

Cruz was reportedly waiting for the couple with a knife in the building lobby and instantly began her attack when they entered following a two-year dispute, 34-year-old Blue said.

Blue said she saw Cruz “started walking toward (Britt) … All you saw was the knife come down.

“(Britt) was protecting me. (She) turned to me and spit up all the blood. I had to rip her clothes open to see the hole in her chest. I feel like I lost the best woman in the world.

“I’m still waiting for her to walk in the door, talking about she’s hungry,” Blue continued.

“That woman deserves to rot in jail. The whole time I’ve been living in this building, everybody called her ‘Monster.’”

Britt was rushed to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The cause of the disagreement between Cruz and Britt is unclear.

Cruz is charged with murder and possession of a weapon.

Other cases against her are reportedly sealed, the Queens District Attorney said.

She reportedly remains in hospital after the attack.

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