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Harris County, Texas, Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria was appointed to her job in 2020 by the Harris County Commissioners Court. Ms. Longoria proceeded to do what every other unelected bureaucrat in history has done: she created her very own bureaucracy.

No doubt Longoria had a swanky new office and a nice fat expense account to go along with her swanky new title. But no one — including the Democratic majority on the Commissioners Court — asked if Longoria was up to the demands of the job.

She wasn’t.

Her very first election has turned into an “unmitigated disaster,” according to Republican Party chairwoman Cindy Siegal. More than 10,000 mail-in ballots were uncounted at the deadline, and voters still don’t have the final tally for some races a week after the polls closed.

Siegal said, “Today we’ve seen what happens when you put the wrong person in the job.”

Hot Air:

Siegel’s request for impounding election results was dismissed and the counting of ballots resumed two hours after it stopped. Unofficial elections results were posted after midnight on Thursday. “The court understands that we abided by the deadline that she provided and the political parties have agreed to file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit,” said Harris County Director of Voting Beth Stevens. “Director of Voting”. Are you getting the picture that not only has Lina Hidalgo, a Democrat, increased bureaucracy at the County Clerk’s office but the people in the positions are unable to show competency in their roles. Is this the new normal for elections – “finding” uncounted ballots after deadlines and stopping, then re-starting, ballot counting? It’s no wonder so many people believe claims of election fraud.

After the admission that 10,000 mail-in ballots were not properly counted became known over the past weekend, calls began for Longoria’s termination. The 10,000 ballots included 6,000 Democrat ballots and 4,000 Republican ballots. County Republican and Democrat Parties are calling for investigations and corrections to be made. HCRP wants Longoria fired.

“The Democrats would tell you last week that we were fear-mongering and that all the votes were correct, and there were no problems,” Siegel said Monday. “Late Saturday, although we weren’t notified, there was an, ‘oops, we found 10,000 unexplained, unrecorded mail-in ballots.’ There are serious problems with this process.”

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Elections are far too serious a matter to be left in the hands of incompetent — or crooked — Democratic Party infants. Nor should elections serve as a platform for a Democratic jobs initiative or the creation of bureaucratic fiefdoms.

This is no doubt a preview of what elections will look like if Democrats in Washington are able to pass their “voting rights” legislation. Making the process incredibly complicated is the first step in being able to game the system in your favor.

Making voting “easier” doesn’t necessarily make it “better” or “fairer.” That much should be obvious to the Democrats who are so desperately trying to rig the system against their political opponents.

Source: This post first appeared on PJ Media

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