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Here’s a question: How many reports have to come out about white students getting in trouble over their racist-as-hell “promposal” signs before they stop trying it? Because report after report after report after report after report has told the same exact story: A clear-complected caucasified high school or middle school student thinks writing slavery or otherwise racist references on a poster board when asking someone (often a Black student) to a school dance is clever and funny, but they soon discover their actions are rightfully deemed racist AF, so they start crying white tears and feigning ignorance once they come under fire.

In fact, almost all of the aforementioned racist prom proposal incidents included the same joke that only white people (and maybe a few tragic negroes) could possibly think is funny: “If I was Black, I’d be picking cotton…but I’m white so I’m picking you!”

Seriously, why is it always that same joke? It isn’t cute, funny or even clever. There’s no play on words, no double entendres, no puns or subtle messages—just a random reference to Black people having been slaves that has nothing to do with school dances. 

But for some reason, these white kids just keep trying it.

According to, a female Karen in training used a poster with those same unclever, uncute and unfunny words to ask a male student to the Sweetheart Ball next month at Thunder Ridge High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Photos of the poster made the rounds on social media prompting Bonneville Joint School District 93 Superintendent Scott Woolstenhulme to send out a letter to students, parents and the surrounding community addressing the issue.

“As Superintendent, I feel a personal responsibility to our students, our staff, and our families who have been offended and hurt by this poster,” Woolstenhulme wrote. “While I will never be able to personally understand how it feels to be a target of racist and bigoted language, I recognize how traumatic such language must be. I am deeply sorry that such an awful remark was connected to our schools.”

The student who wrote the racist and completely unoriginal invite message, of course, wasn’t mentioned by name and Woolstenhulme didn’t go into any detail as to what disciplinary actions she faces, but he did write that “Whenever such language is used, we have a moral obligation to confront it.”

“We will respond to this situation–and any other expressions of racist or bigoted language–with the appropriate and necessary actions to correct it,” he continued.

Of course, Woolstenhulme also made it a point to start making excuses for the white student saying, “Sometimes students repeat words and phrases without recognizing the racism inherent in them,” as if there were any remotely plausible alternative ways to interpret out-of-nowhere references to negroes picking cotton.

“While there is no question that this poster was thoughtless and hurtful, I hope that we will all try to be as forgiving of others’ mistakes as we hope others will be of our own,” Woolstenhulme said. “As a district, we promise that every student in our schools will feel safe, connected, and cared for; I am so sorry that this incident broke that promise.”

Yeah, whatever—just tell your goofy and racist crotch goblins to stop making bigoted signs featuring stale, overused jokes that were never funny.

This sh** is so dumb.


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