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A wanted woman caused quite a ruckus at a local eye doctor’s office. 

Just after noon, an employee of the office contacted the police to report there was a suspicious woman in the bathroom. The caller said the woman had a bunch of bags with her and had refused to leave the bathroom despite several requests from staff. 

The employee later called back to say the woman was not outside the building throwing things at people attempting to come into the office. 

When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a woman with open warrants from the NBPD. Officers booked her and then dropped her off at NBPD so they could serve their warrant. 

Woman Punched For Potty Mouth

A woman contacted officers just before 1 am to report she was punched in the mouth for cursing. 

The woman said she ran into a man she knew at Walmart and decided to go hang around with him at the Park and Ride to visit for a bit. 

She said the two got into an argument, and she called him a ‘mother f#$%*!’ several times. He told her no one calls him that and proceeded to punch her in the mouth twice. 

She said there were no witnesses and declined to file a police report. She did, however, ask for advice on filing a protection order.


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