Police search for person who kicked 10-week-old puppy
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The founder of South Georgia Equine Rescue says a witness saw two children kick the puppy in Waycross last weekend.

WAYCROSS, Ga. — A Georgia animal rescue nonprofit is trying to get to the bottom of what lead to the death of a puppy, which later died from what they believe were injuries after being kicked.

“This kind of stuff happens out here way too often,” said Heather Gavitt.

It’s been her lifelong mission to help animals, and she’s got the Waycross Police Department involved in her latest case.

“I think this time we have enough that someone can be held responsible,” she told First Coast News.

A 10-week-old puppy died less than a day after being taken to her non-profit, South Georgia Equine Rescue. 

The man who brought it to her explained he saw two kids kicking the puppy.  She noticed severe swelling, which was also documented by a veterinarian.

“This is criminal what these people did to this puppy,” Gavitt said. 

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She knows someone has answers about who the kids are, which the witness described as younger than 10.

A necropsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death, which has left Gavitt angry about the possible abuse the puppy experienced.

“These puppies and dogs and kittens, they all have feelings just like you and me,” she said. “What you wouldn’t want done to you, you shouldn’t do to them either.”

The officer who wrote the police report says he is working to identify the children and will be speaking with them and their parents. 

They could face an animal cruelty charge.

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