Safoorah Ali memorized the entire Quran. New Jersey girl is 11 years old
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Perth Amboy, N.J. — In a celebration of faith and accomplishment, 11-year-old New Jersey girl Safoorah Ali was honored Monday night for memorizing the Quran, CBS New York reports.

Ali began her quest about four years ago. 

During the pandemic, she couldn’t have the help of a teacher, so her family stepped in.

She says her mom played a key role.

It was a case of like-mother-like-daughter.

“My mom also memorized the Quran as well, so she inspired me and she helped me a lot, too,” Ali said.

“We feel very blessed that we have a daughter who was able to do it,” Dr. Anjum Chatha said.

“Her being so young and being able to accomplish something so huge I see as just an inspiration,” added Rahat Chatha, Ali’s aunt.

And Ali will soon have another reason to celebrate. She turns 12 on Friday.

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