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I reported on how the White House had the real solution to the war in Ukraine — reaching out to 30 TikTok “stars” to push the Biden Administration’s line on the situation, including people like this 18-year-old who dances for the camera.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad — that this is the level that our government is at. But they did this same kind of thing with COVID, when they want to push their narrative to that age group.

In addition to updates on the war, they mixed in a bunch of lies, including White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claiming that the Russians “hacked the election” in 2016, and that Biden bore no responsibility for inflation or the rise in gas prices. They blamed everything else, from the pandemic to Vladimir Putin.

But SNL saw the possibilities of how funny it could be — if they gave everyone a window into how the meeting “really” went. They did a take on it for their cold open, and it was very well done, with some great lines showing Biden’s lack of comprehension of the internet, the “landline of presidents.”

[embedded content]

They joke that Psaki (Kate McKinnon) suggested the meeting with influencers as a joke, but “then, it actually happened.”

Biden (James Austin Johnson) talks about how he knew “I understand Putin, I understand war,” he says. “But there’s one thing I don’t understand: Computer.”

“He means ‘technology’ but he says ‘computer,’” Psaki explains.

They then go into all the craziness of the TikTok people in the meeting, first mocking actress AnnaLynne McCord, who creates a poem, imagining if she was the mother of Vladimir Putin. They mock Biden with a guy saying he was with the Boo Boo boys, who did rap and pranks. But considering that Biden knows Corn Pop, perhaps that’s not much of a stretch.

They have one woman pretending to be a 12-year-old girl who did animal make-up, and have her bring up Hunter Biden and his laptop. Somehow, they have an older, middle-aged roofer among the people — but he explains they likely confused him with a 17-year-old female TikToker who had 130 million followers.

Finally, they wind up with a guy with a toilet plunger on his nipple, which is about the level of the whole, real exercise. Biden called him “truly inspiring.”

It was one of the funnier skits that they’ve done in a while. Finally, they seem willing to mock the basic absurdity of the Biden Administration, and how out-of-touch Biden is on everything. Not to mention they nailed that this is about the level of the Biden team’s policy efforts.

Source: This post first appeared on RedState

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