The HUB’s new building grand opening brings hope to the local community
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AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Saturday The HUB celebrated the grand opening of its new location, by welcoming the community for food, activities, and information.

“There was a lot of planning for the grand opening. Um, we wanted it to be very big. We wanted all the community to have a part in the festivities today. So, we tried to make it so that everyone would have some type of activity that they would enjoy,” Grand Opening Committee member Dr. Darryl Nettles said.

The HUB includes two buildings at the corner of Wall Street and Chafee Street that house several local non-profits and the Boys and Girls Club. 

“I think this is amazing for the community, um, it’s going to outreach to a lot of kids and, um, it’ll be a positive impact with Augusta since they’re trying to build up Augusta anyway,” local resident Samantha Martin-Fowler said.

Some teens from the Youth Challenge Academy were already there putting their time to good use. 

“I like seeing kids having fun and it just makes me want to go harder and inspires me to do more,” Ahjaden Hughes said.

Organizations that will serve the community from The HUB is Augusta Locally Grown kitchen services. 

“Which is the farmer’s market. Since we are in a food desert here– I think that’s one of the beginnings for the community as far as nutrition and eating healthier,” Dr. Nettles said. 

The HUB is part of a 10-million-dollar investment in the community by Augusta National Golf Club and its corporate partners through the MCG Foundation.

“Harrisburg Family Healthy, which is for those people that don’t have health insurance and it’s not just for residents of Harrisburg or Laney Walker, it’s for anyone and I think this is a great start for these communities,” Dr. Nettles said.

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