Is Tom Cruise finally reuniting with his daughter Suri? One tabloid claims Cruise is pushing for a reunion and Suri is all for it, even though Katie Holmes thinks it’s a bad idea. Here’s the latest gossip about Cruise and Holmes’ custody arrangement.

Tom Cruise Arranging ‘Father-Daughter Date’ With Suri?

This week’s edition of New Idea reports Tom Cruise is desperate to reunite with his daughter, Suri Cruise. Apparently, Cruise has been reaching out to his ex-wife Katie Holmes to set up a face-to-face reunion with Suri. And while Holmes is wary about letting her daughter back into Cruise’s world of Scientology, Suri really wants to reunite with her father.

“Suri is naturally really curious about her father and is begging Katie to allow her to meet with him,” an inside source dishes. “Saying yes goes against Katie’s every instinct, but the reality is, Suri is old enough to make her own decisions.” The tabloid points out that, given her age, a judge would take Suri’s wishes into consideration if they ever went back to court over custody.

“Obviously, Katie would never want it to get to the point where Suri has to go in front of a judge to get what she wants … She just has concerns, like any mother [would],” the tipster confides. And since Cruise will be back in the United States once he finishes filming Mission: Impossible 7 in the UK, he’s probably going to want to see Suri as soon as he lands.

Would Suri Cruise Join Scientology?

“It’s not out of the question for Tom to want to have his daughter travel down to his own apartment,” the source remarks. But the tabloid warns that the Church of Scientology could try to get her to join if she ends up near their headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. “They could promise her the world and have her back in the church before you know it,” the snitch whispers.

But finally, the insider says there’s no need to fear since Suri loves her life in New York. “All her friends are in New York and she loves her life full of school and socializing, and dance classes,” the tipster reveals. “Katie’s concerns are valid, but Suri is a New Yorker through and through — not even her dad will get in the way of that!”

Tom And Suri Cruise ‘To Reunite After 10 Years’?

This story seems extremely unlikely. First of all, both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been completely silent about their private lives ever since their divorce in 2012. It’s clear they value their privacy, so even if they were making arrangements to meet, we seriously doubt this tabloid would have any way of knowing about it. It’s clear that this source isn’t close to the family at all.

But without this alleged “insider,” the outlet doesn’t have any proof to back up its story. Given that this report is so thin on facts, its wild story is speculation at best. And on that note, Suri is only 15 years old. It’s just wrong for the tabloid to gossip with so little restraint about anyone’s relationship with their estranged father, let alone a child’s. This magazine doesn’t have any right to information about Suri’s personal life, so it’s probably best to disregard this report entirely.

The Tabloid On Tom Cruise

But this is far from the first time New Idea has overreached with a story about Tom Cruise. Last spring, the outlet reported Cruise was furious with Katie Holmes for packing on the PDA with her then-boyfriend Emilio Vitolo. Then the magazine claimed Holmes was out for revenge against both Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology. And finally, the publication alleged Cruise was “headed for the altar” with his rumored girlfriend Hayley Atwell. Obviously, New Idea doesn’t have a clue about what’s really going on with Tom Cruise.

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