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Tom Selleck is famous for his iconic role in Magnum P.I. Fans around the world loved watching Selleck solve crimes—usually while wearing a pair of very short shorts. The actor recently defended his character’s choice of clothing while appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Selleck Defends His Shorts: ‘That’s What Shorts Are. Shorts Are Short’

The conversation started when one of Clarkson’s producers shared that she had dressed up as Magnum for Halloween. While looking at a photo of her costume, Selleck said, “I’m disappointed that you didn’t wear the shorts.”

“I get a lot of short questions,” he continued. “Because they’re short.” Clarkson chimed in, saying, “They were short then, back in the day, though if you got nice legs…” Selleck’s character was famous for his super-short shorts, usually worn with a Hawaiian shirt. 

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“That’s what shorts are,” Selleck argued. “Shorts are short. And those pajama bottoms that they wore for about the last decade are silly…and you can trip on them!” Clarkson expressed some doubt, but Selleck kept going. “And you know what? They’re coming back up,” he said, referring to rising hemlines. 

“They are on some people,” Clarkson admitted. “But on others that don’t have, maybe, the legs for shorts…” Selleck was insistent though, announcing, “Shorts are coming back to where they should be.”

Does The Actor Still Wear Short Shorts?

Clarkson and her audience got a kick out of Selleck’s devotion to his short shorts. “I love that you’re into short shorts,” the host laughed. “This is the most fabulous thing that will happen to me today, you talking about how we need to wear short shorts.”

Selleck did admit that there were some times when he wasn’t as devoted to putting on the shorts. “You know, I read the script, and I knew if I had a fight scene coming up, I wouldn’t wear the shorts. ‘Cause I wanted to put pads underneath my jeans and stuff.”

“I’m just saying, not everybody can sport shorts like that,” Clarkson finished. Selleck credited his time as a high school and college basketball player for his toned legs, even though he “sat on the bench…instead of playing all the time,” he explained. 

“I should have worn shorts today,” he joked. Clarkson said she wouldn’t be joining him, due to her “big ol’ booty,” and the actor quickly walked back his statement. “I don’t think I will, either,” he laughed. “It’s not pretty anymore.”

While Selleck doesn’t wear his famous character’s tiny shorts anymore, it’s nice to know that the actor still has affection for the clothing item that made him recognizable to viewers all over the world.

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