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Quick, what male celebrity would you most closely associate with tabloid covers? The obvious answer is Brad Pitt. The sex symbol turned Academy Award winner commands headlines just by going outside. Our top Pitt rumor of 2021 said he was dangerously thin and balding thanks to his rough custody battle with Angelina Jolie.

Pitt Is A Broken Man

Jolie and Pitt are still fighting in court after five long years. The National Enquirer reported that the custody battle was taking a toll on Pitt’s physical appearance. An insider said, “Brad has been pushing himself so hard and he’s really not taking good care of himself these days…his clothes are hanging off him, he’s washed out and exhausted the whole time and looks like a ghost.”

A shady doctor believed Pitt was down to exactly 143 pounds. A source called the Meet Joe Black star “really stressed out and depressed.” His busy schedule meant Pitt was burning the candle at all ends and was only hurting himself in the process.

Photoshop Is Powerful

To back up this story of weight loss, the tabloid dug up a photo of Pitt from a trip to Belgium months earlier. Since Pitt was masked, it photoshopped his face onto his own body. This made him look more disheveled than he really was, and made it impossible to trust the story when underhanded tactics were used.

The doctor quoted in this story had never treated Pitt, so they could only have pulled the 143 figure from thin air. The figure was too specific to trust. All in all, this was just another fear-mongering story claiming a star’s weight wasn’t good. Gossip Cop has debunked too many starvation stories to count.

How’s He Holding Up?

While Pitt probably isn’t thrilled about his protracted custody battle, it doesn’t look like he’s falling apart. This year he’s filmed The Lost City with Sandra Bullock and Bullet Train with Bad Bunny. According to People, a far more accurate source of news, Pitt is staying low-key and is hopeful that 2022 will be “an even more positive year, a source says. “People really like him, and he does have a strong circle supporting him.”

Other Pitt Myths

Just about every tabloid runs at least one story about Pitt every week. Most of the time he’s reuniting with Jennifer Aniston, or reconciling with Jolie. In reality, he’s just keeping it low-key with his close friends.

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