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New details of the February 28 helicopter accident in the Northern Territory, which claimed the father-of-two’s life and left pilot Sebastian Robinson seriously injured, have been released in a preliminary report.

Wilson, 34, was dangling about 30m below the R44 Raven II chopper when it struck trees shortly after take-off in Noonamah, West Arnhem Land, the report, released by the Air Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) yesterday, said.

Chris 'Willow" Wilson died at age 34 when his chopper crashed in the Northern Territory.
Chris “Willow” Wilson died at age 34 when his chopper crashed in the Northern Territory. (Supplied)

There were crews in two other helicopters also collecting crocodile eggs that morning.

The other crews became worried when they did not hear from Wilson or Mr Robinson for some time and one pilot returned to check on them.

Wilson’s body was found 40m from the wreckage of the helicopter.

The sling line attachment rings were not connected to the helicopter cargo hook, the report said.

The helicopter’s main rotor blade had struck and cut through the trunk of at least one tree.

“Initial assessment indicated the engine had stopped prior to the helicopter colliding with the ground,” the report said.

Chris 'Willow' Wilson was collecting crocodile eggs when the chopper crashed.
Wilson was collecting crocodile eggs when the chopper crashed. (Supplied)

However, no defects likely to cause the engine to stop or fail were found when it was examined.

The helicopter’s two fuel bladder tanks were also intact.

A handheld emergency radio beacon and the helicopter’s emergency locator transmitter were found in the helicopter and had not been activated before the crash.

The helicopter crashed into trees shortly after take off.
The helicopter crashed into trees shortly after take-off. (Careflight)

The full findings from the ATSB investigation will be delivered at a later date.

Outback Wrangler host Matt Wright told the NT News after the accident the entire team has been left “devastated” by the tragedy.

“Our love and thoughts are with Chris’ wife Danielle and two little boys Ted and Austin as well as the families and friends of Chris and Seb during this incredibly tough time,” a statement from the company behind the show read.

Source: 9News

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