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Met Office warns of ‘unsettled’ weather tomorrow

The weather tomorrow will largely be unsettled, the Met Office said.

Met Office spokesman Richard Miles told The Sun Online: “The West will be wet and windy which will gradually spread across the country overnight, and then it will be cooler in the west and wetter in the east.

“That’s the picture for the next few days. It will be wet and windy over the weekend too.

“But when the sun comes out in central and eastern areas, we will se temperatures creeping up to quite pleasant numbers.

“Anywhere could see double figures while temperatures could go to 14-15C in central and midlands areas.

“The central parts are the most likely areas in the country where temperatures will climb.

“But rain will also move from the west to the east. It will gradually stall over the UK but will continue with longer spells.

“There will be cooler spells later on tomorrow in Scotland and it will be damp in central England and Wales.

“Earlier in the day we will be seeing cooler spells in Wales and to the west and there will be rain in Scotland.”

Source: thesun

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