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Russian troops have ‘ONLY days of food left’

RUSSIAN troops only have three days of supplies left, says Ukraine military as Vladimir Putin’s forces suffer frostbite due to ‘hit-and-run’ tactics by Ukrainians.

Troops only three further days of fuel, food and ammunition left to conduct the war after a breakdown in their supply chains, Ukrainian military commanders have alleged.

“We do think that the Russian forces have used a lot of material including particular categories of weapons and we have seen isolated reports of particular units that have lacked supplies of one sort or another,” the official said.

“It is consistent with an advance which has ground to a halt. Failures in the logistic chain has been one of the reasons they have not been as effective as they hoped.”

Western officials have described this as a “plausible” situation to have happened to Putin’s troops.

Moreover, Moscow‘s forces have also suffered setbacks in areas including Makariv, near Kyiv, which is raising fears that a desperate Vladimir Putin may turn to chemical weapons.

The Ukrainians have deployed devastating hit-and-run tactics against enemy tanks, as some of the Kremlin’s ill-prepared forces suffered frostbite and could no longer fight, according to US officials.

According to US president Joe BidenVladimir Putin now has his “back against the wall” because of this.

Source: thesun

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