Friendly Fire on 'The View,' Alyssa Farah Griffin Hits Ana Navarro for 'Toxic Femininity'

In a rare moment of clarity on “The View,” token conservative host Alyssa Farah Griffin chastised the cast during a segment on “toxic feminity.” While discussing the topic, as if to perfectly prove the point being made, Ana Navarro interrupted with an attack on Farah Griffin about working for Kellyanne Conway.

The far-left audience loved it, but surprisingly, Farah Griffin actually defended herself, snapping back at Navarro to explain how hostile the work environment on the show can be.

Newsbusters helpfully transcripted the heated exchange.

Farah Griffin quickly spoke up to argue that women could in fact be toxic. “We’ve come a long way in kind of critiquing some of the male practices that are not helpful and that needed to be called out. And I think that women have made a ton of progress, but we can also be each other’s worst enemies,” she said.

The former Capitol Hill and White House official recalled that “some of the worst bosses I’ve had had been women, and sometimes colleagues in the workplace who were women.”

She was immediately interrupted by Navarro who took a broad swipe at her and her former employer. “That’s what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway,” Navarro chided.

Defending herself, Farah Griffin called out Navarro and the show generally for being a hostile place for her:

NAVARRO: That’s what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway.

[Audience reaction]

FARAH GRIFFIN: I mean – Well, I can’t really get a word in without you attacking me so I wouldn’t say this is a totally different — this isn’t like a totally different environment of women supporting each other.

Farah Griffin is obviously correct in her reading of the situation. Navarro is an especially nasty person who continually trashes other people (ironically, including for their looks) while never bothering to take a look in the mirror. What exactly she’s accomplished that has supposedly given her such moral authority is a mystery.

Certainly, she wasn’t successful in her stint as a GOP strategist, and as a political commentator, she’s about as insightful as Joe Biden on foreign policy. Of course, being a former “Republican” who fluffs Democrats gains one instant “credibility” in media circles these days. That’s obviously how Nicole Wallace got her job, and Navarro is more than happy to play her role and cash her checks.

Regardless, as fun as it was to see a little conflict, it was also expected that Farah Griffin would back down. She did so, at least partially, later in the show by praising Whoopi Goldberg and asserting that women support other women more than they attack each other. Yeah, I’m not sure that’s true at all, but whatever, at least we got some fireworks before Farah Griffin curled into the fetal position.

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