Hospital calls for help after man brings in venomous snake

A Queensland, Australia hospital has been forced to call a snake catcher after a patient brought in a venomous snake after being bitten.

Hervey Bay Snake Catchers was called to Hervey Bay Hospital on January 20 after a man brought in the reptile in a jar after he stepped on it.

Snake catcher Drew Godfrey was told it was a baby red-bellied black snake, however, upon arrival found that it was an eastern small-eyed snake – a much more venomous species.

“Both are in the same family of snake, but the small-eyed snake doesn’t get as big and is significantly more venomous,” Godfrey said.

Godfrey quickly removed the snake after showing it to the nurses and released it into a natural habitat.

Snake catcher holding snake
An Australian hospital had to call a snake catcher after a snake got loose in the hospital.

Snake catcher
A patient who had been bitten by the venomous snake brought it with him to the ER and then it got loose.


Despite being extremely venomous, the small-eyed snake poses a low threat to humans, Godfrey stressed.

“This is really uncommon and the snake only bit him because it would’ve been hurt and terrified,” he said.

“It’s not known to bite people, it’s very secretive and shy and is more likely to headbutt or stand-up than bite.”

The bite victim is expected to be okay, according to Godfrey.

“Thankfully he’s done the right thing and gone to hospital,” he said.

“With the correct first aid and medical treatment, it’s actually hard to die from snake bite these days so old mate should hopefully be just fine.”

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