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Celebrations began immediately outside the courthouse after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted earlier today, with the teen’s supporters flocking to the city and the court to show their support for the teen.

Immediately after the not guilty verdicts were read and the teen was acquitted, a group of supporters began cheering outside the courthouse. Many extolled the verdict as proof that the Second Amendment and the U.S. Constitution still hold precedent in this country as cars honked in support.

In the crowd outside the court, a man with a microphone celebrated the trial as proof that “the mob will not get the right to rule” in the United States. “Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty because he wasn’t guilty to begin with,” the man shouted.

Further outside the courthouse, vehicles honked to show their support. One driver and a female passenger were interviewed by Brendan Gutenschwager. “That kid protected himself,” said the driver. “It shows that self defense in Wisconsin can be used, especially deadly force. He was being mobbed and attack.”

“The governor should have called the National Guard,” the woman in the passenger seat added.

Rittenhouse collapsed in tears as the not guilty verdicts were read earlier today after days of jury deliberations that saw jurors given unprecedented freedom by Judge Bruce Schroeder.

The teen was only able to regain his composure when his lawyers helped him to a seating position. Rittenhouse then hugged attorney Corey Chirafisi as the lawyer struggled with hand motions that seemed to be aimed at keeping his 18-year-old client from hyperventilating.

Source: National File

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