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Welcome to the latest edition of the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report! I pray you’ve unburied yourself from the latest John Durham filings, stopped shaking your head over the Biden/Mayorkas DHS Truth Squad proposal, and wondered aloud if the bed-wetting cry babies who work at Amazon and Twitter were ever untethered from their baby leashes.

Lawd, what a week.

But first, this just in from San Francisco, the homeless and dystopian capital of the universe. …

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the city’s experiment with stuffing sick, drugged, drunk, and disorderly people into individual rooms and leaving them in disgusting conditions only to remain sick, drugged, drunk, and disorderly is a “disaster.” I could have saved you the time reading the 28-page without photos story if you’d just listened to me all these years. I know the story is that long because a gasping producer at KTTH Radio alerted me to that fact when I asked him to go behind the paywall and print it out for me earlier this week.

Sure, I could tell you that homelessness has increased by 56% since 2016(!) but the promises haven’t changed since the early 2000s, when Mayor Gavin Newsom first pledged that he’d fire up the cash cannon and “end homelessness” forever and ever, amen. That was billions of dollars ago. Spending on homeless initiatives in the city with its own “human poop map” increased by 45% since 2016 for a total of $1.1 billion. If you want to know where that money went, follow the poop map.

It’s almost as if Baghdad by the Bay was buying homeless people.

The Chronicle concludes that sure it has been a disastrous response, but c’mon, guys, people helping counsel the homeless at the city and NGO-leased and owned Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) hotels aren’t paid enough to contend with drugged, drunk, and disorderly hoarders (yes), felons, and crackpots with crack pipes funded with tax dollars for “harm reduction.”

If I were queen, and who says I’m not, this is what I would do:

1. Require people in the SRO to be sober or on a demonstrable path to sobriety.

California no longer has requirements for people to help themselves by following a plan toward sobriety. They’re just stacking people like cordwood in these dirty hotels without requiring them to be sober and help take care of themselves.

2. Put faith-based organizations in charge of ministering to the homeless.

We know the most effective programs, such as the Salvation Army’s or the Union Gospel Mission, require 12 steps. In the Tenderloin, City Impact is taking care of the spiritual needs of the addicts and ministering to their children. More than 3,000 children are living there.

3. Institute (if they have’t already) MAPS drug therapy to get people off fentanyl, meth, and other drugs. 

4. Don’t be afraid, Chesa Boudin, to put the violent drugged, drunk, and disorderly in jail. They’re hurting other people. It’s wrong.

5. Separate different populations of the homeless.

Impose separate facilities for men, women, the sober, those on a pathway to sobriety, the gender-confused, the physically disabled, and mentally ill people. Se – pa – rate them. And staff the residences accordingly.

6. Assume residents have enough brains to get out and be clean. 

These suggestions are suitable only if the city wants results. It’ll have freed-up space in the SROs in no time, frankly, since most homeless don’t want to live by the rules and stay clean. But the point is to get the folks who want help to the point where they can take care of themselves, right? The results couldn’t be any worse than the horrible results the city has gotten from non-stop spending. The greatest majority of the overdose deaths in San Francisco occurred in those SROs. That’s ridiculous.

In another dystopian setting on the West Coast, Messed Coast™ — Seattle — a man who owns a doggie daycare in a lawless section of downtown complains that drug dealers hanging out in front of his business have provided better protection than the Seattle Police Department. They’ve worked out a deal. He won’t report them to the police and they’ll protect his store from, uh, bad guys.

Seattle is losing more cops than it’s gaining because of its disastrous “defunding” and vaccine mandates. Indeed, they’re still washing out cops and firefighters who haven’t been vaxxed.

The Seattle city attorney,  Republican Ann Davison, announced this week she’d drop 2,000 cases dating back to the beginning of 2020 because the statute of limitations had expired or there was no way to go back and build a case. None was a crime against a person. Davison was just elected and says she was given a 5,000 case backlog.

All of this sends the wrong message to Seattle’s criminals, however.

Amazon employees lamented on video the popularity of the wonderful children’s book Johnny the Walrus by conservative commentator Matt Walsh. They complained they were triggered by the book, as if they were the arbiters of what was sold at the company that killed bookstores.

I’m pretty sure transgender people complaining about this book triggering them have had far worse things to complain about. Let’s buck up, people! We’re Americans! Act like it!

The West Coast, Messed Coast™ is full of big babies.

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KATU News reports that “Based on geotagged data following the announcement of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, Oregon and Washington State have the most users including hashtags like #leavingtwitter and #deletetwitter.”

Until the next West Coast, Messed Coast™ update, man up, America!

Source: This post first appeared on PJ Media

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