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In much-needed reprieve from lockdown, some lucky beachside locals were treated to a stunning display of whales in action today in Victoria.

The two whales, believed to be Southern Right whales, were seen this afternoon along the Mornington Peninsula when spotted by people walking by.

Onlookers said they were only about 300m from the shoreline near the Safety Beach Yacht Club.

The two whales were spotted close to the shore along Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula coastline. (Nine)
Whales are known to frequent the Victoria coastline during winter but are not always so visible. (Nine)

Mandy Watson from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning said the two are potentially a male and female who are mating and may measure up to 18m long.

It is not unusual to see whales along the Victorian coastline this time of year, however in the Port Phillip area they are a rarity.

Several breeds of whale are known to travel from the far south-west of the state all the way up to New South Wales.

The migration occurs from June to October and sees several different whale species grace the Victorian coast.

Source: 9News

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