What do we know about the deadly Zoo Parkway police chase?
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The chase ended with a police dog shot and two people dead. The only living suspect has not been formally charged.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The video attached to this story is from a previous, related report.

Twelve days after a deadly police chase shut down the area surrounding the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, forcing visitors to shelter inside the zoo for hours, the only living suspect has still not been formally charged. 

The confrontation ended in a shoot out and a car with three suspects inside crashing. Two suspects were found dead, and a police K9 officer was airlifted from the scene with three gunshot wounds.

The suspects were confirmed to have died from gunshot wounds — it appears that the driver being shot caused the car to crash. 

It has not been revealed who shot ‘Huk’, a well-known police dog who famously helped take down an accused cop killer.

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And the only living suspect, Robert Motley, has not been charged or even accused of shooting at police or harming Huk. (Harming a police dog is a second-degree felony.) 

Motley was arrested on charges of methamphetamine possession, which his lawyer said he admitted he was using for himself. But he has not been arraigned at this time, meaning he hasn’t been formally charged with anything.

Motley’s lawyer says he was not the one driving or the one holding the gun. 

“Mr. Motley was the one individual in this vehicle that surrendered himself to authorities. At no point in time is it ever alleged that he had a gun,” she told the judge. 

It appears that all the weapons involved in the shoot-out are accounted for: JSO set out pictures of two guns recovered from the incident, and reported that both of the deceased suspects were holding guns when they were found dead. One of the suspects was reported to still have his finger on the trigger.

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Though possession of meth is a third-degree felony, the prosecution asked for a heavier bond.

“I understand that this is a third-degree felony,” the attorney for the state said. “However, this is a third-degree felony that involves two deceased individuals, a wounded dog, which is JSO K9 dog, and officer involved shooting, and also the drug was tested positive for methamphetamine.”

The judge took the state’s recommendation of setting bond at $75,003. Motley will also not be allowed to own or use a firearm.

As of Wednesday, Motley had not posted bond and was still in jail.

Motley’s attorneys have filed a motion to decrease his bond. He is scheduled to appear on August 15, where he may have his charges read.

Veterinarians at First Coast Veterinary Specialists & Emergency clinic were postings updates on Huk for a few days after the incident and said he was able to get outside for a bit and recovering well. 

On Wednesday, JSO said that Huk is still “on the road to recovery,” but his long-term prognosis hasn’t been determined yet.


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