Wild footage shows the moment a Wyoming trooper pulled over on the shoulder of a slick highway was nearly struck by an out-of-control SUV on Tuesday.

The harrowing scene unfolded on a snowy Interstate 80 as the trooper was responding to a crash just west of Laramie, CBS 4 reported.

The trooper was walking back to his patrol car when he noticed the vehicle veering off the roadway in his direction, according to video posted to social media Wednesday by Wyoming Highway Patrol.

The SUV was then seen whizzing past the trooper on the snow-covered grass, but close enough where he jumped away from danger back towards the road, the footage shows.

Wild SUV truck
The video shows the trooper walking towards the SUV and quickly turning around.
Wyoming Highway Patrol
Trooper nearly hit by SUV
The trooper was able to dodge the wild SUV’s path just in time.
Wyoming Highway Patrol

As the trooper briefly lost his balance, he was sprayed by snow that the vehicle kicked up.

The trooper and the driver were not injured, the outlet reported.

Source: NYPOST

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