Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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AOC and far-left Democrats lay out a list of executive orders on climate and immigration for Biden to pass WITHOUT considering Congress

  • Progressive Democrats urging President Joe Biden to take executive action on climate change, canceling student debt and raising wages
  • Call comes as Biden’s agenda is stalled in the Senate
  • Democrats worried ahead of November midterms 
  • Progressives argue their demands ‘would provide immediate relief to working people and their families’ 

Progressive Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to take executive action to raise wages, combat climate change, cancel student debt, and lower health care costs.

The Progressive Caucus – led by Rep. Pramila Jayapal and consisting of high-profile liberals like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and Senator Bernie Sanders –  outlined their lists of demands they said ‘would provide immediate relief to working people and their families.’

The items they’re urging action upon have become stalled in the Senate after moderate Senator Joe Manchin said he could not vote for Biden’s signature Build Back Better package of social programs, effectively killing the measure. 

Biden had urged Congress to pass legislation – in order to codify the items into law. With executive action, another president can undo what he orders, just as Biden reserved several of Donald Trump’s orders. Executive orders can also be overturned by the courts.

But progressive caucus, a 98-member strong body, has expressed frustration with the lact of legislative process and now wants action.

‘This isn’t about abandoning the legislative path. It’s about realizing the promise of Democratic governance, and quickly — using all tools available to make it happen,’ they wrote in their agenda released Thursday. 

Their request comes amid Democratic concerns their party will lose control of the House and the Senate in November’s midterm election as voters express frustration with the high prices of food and gas that has come with record high inflation.

‘We’ve got to make sure that we’re addressing the increase in housing costs, in childcare, in gas prices, and all the things that we’re seeing right now – and addressing that for people who are on the margins,’ Jayapal told reporters. ‘Let’s deliver some relief quickly for people. And yes, anything we do between now and November helps us.’ 

A White House official told they’re in contact with lawmakers about the issues while Jayapal said she expects to speak directly to President Biden about their concerns. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Pramila Jayapal

Progressive Democrats – including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left) and Pramila Jayapal (right) are urging President Joe Biden to take executive action on climate change, canceling student debt and raising wages

Progressives listed eight demands, including:

  • Lower health care costs including the price of prescription drugs; 
  • Raise wages by expanding the threshold for overtime pay; 
  • Combat climate change invoking the Defense Production Act to increase the production of renewable energy; 
  • Cancel federal student loan debt; 
  • Advance immigrant rights by ending Remain in Mexico (MPP) and Title 42 expulsions policies; 
  • Invest in jobs; 
  • Deliver on the promise of equal justice under the law; 
  • Tax fairness

Progressives argue the agenda will allow Democrats to deliver ‘on commitments that Democrats have made for decades, as well as those specific to the Biden agenda.’

Democrats have privately expressed concern about the president’s low approval ratings and voter anger. 

Democrats have also been frustrated with the president’s focus on foreign affairs instead of the domestic matters like the economy and the covid pandemic. 

The White House has countered that the president is engaged. He has stepped up his efforts to help in the midterm elections, holding the first in-person fundraiser of his presidency on Monday, which raised $3 million for the party. 

President Biden's legislative agenda has gotten stalled in the Senate

President Biden’s legislative agenda has gotten stalled in the Senate

Progressive Democrats outlined eight areas they'd like to see action

Progressive Democrats outlined eight areas they’d like to see action

A poll out on Monday found a majority of Americans saying the country is on the track.

When asked if things in the U.S. are headed in the right direction or if they’ve gotten off track, 32% said right direction and 68% said wrong track in the Morning Consult poll. 

Democrats have shown their concern about the sinking numbers in other ways: 31 House Democrats are not running for re-election this year, the highest number since 1992. 


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