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Shang-Chi: Social Media Post is a Hint at Filming Resuming Soon

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Shang -Chi and the legend of seven rings could be heading back to production if the latest social media post from one of the stars is to be believed. Florian Munteanu is an actor who is rumoured to be in the movie and he just dropped an update on Instagram that he’s ready to get back to work after ten weeks in quarantine.

Before the coronavirus pandemic took a firm hold on the entire world Shang-Chi was filming in Australia. It looked like it could severely impact the timeline of the film when the production got shutdown.

Shang-Chi: Social Media Post is a Hint at Filming Resuming Soon

Fans are trying to decipher exactly what is going on with the Marvel Studios as there is news of filming possibly resuming soon. Munteanu is just fanning the flames here, whether he means to or not.

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The actor wrote on Instagram, “Guess who’s back. Quarantine look after 10 weeks of isolating myself.”

Shang -Chi and the legend of seven rings Release Date

Fans were ecstatic about the fact that both Simu Liu and Awkwafina liked the post which further adds to the drama. Whenever the film can begin production again, it will be aiming for a May 7, 2021 release date instead of a February one at any rate.

To account for the pandemic Marvel Studios had to knock it back a couple of months. One of the first productions to be hit by the virus was Shang-Chi. Fans feared that Destin Daniel Cretton had contracted the virus but thankfully, the director tested negative, but it was still a scary moment for everyone involved. Production had barely started and there was this massive hurdle to overcome for the entire team.

Lee said, “I believe that it will be among the first studio’s productions that will start once we figure out the proper protocols that will ensure that the cast and crew are as safe during production than they would have been pre-pandemic.”

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Source: Honk News

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