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Splash Mountain: 6 Princess And The Frog Elements The Ride’s Disneyland And Disney World Redo Needs To Include

“Dig A Little Deeper”

Much like “Down in New Orleans” should be used to open the attraction, another Princess and the Frog song is the perfect way to wrap it up. Currently, Splash Mountain ends with a big celebratory sequence where dozens of animatronics dance and sing the classic song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” I would expect the new version of the ride to be, structurally, much the same, so we’ll likely get a similar finale in the new version, and “Dig a Little Deeper” is the perfect Princess and the Frog song for that moment. In the original film, the song is sung by Mama Odie, and the concept art for the new ride shows us her home in the tree at the top of the mountain, so odds are she’ll be on hand as well. Somebody has already done a test run of this idea:

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