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Oil prices slide in lockdown-driven rout

Oil prices dived Thursday on demand fears as more nations go into lockdown to staunch the spread of the coronavirus, while stock prices attempted a...
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Air Peace begins regular commercial flights to Jo’burg soon

The Air Peace says it will soon begin regular commercial flight operations from its Lagos hub to Johannesburg, South Africa. The airline spokesperson, Mr Stanley...

Coronavirus pandemic casts pall over Asian markets

Asian markets are mixed Monday as investors appear to be reacting with uncertainty over the resurgence of COVID-19 across Europe and the United States. Japan’s...
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Child labour rising in West Africa cocoa farms despite efforts – report

The use of child labour has risen in cocoa farms in Ghana and Ivory Coast over the past decade despite industry promises to reduce it,...
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Uber wins license battle in London

Uber has won its battle to continue operating in London, one of its biggest markets globally, after a judge found that the company had sufficiently...

The Coronavirus Is Mutating, and That’s Fine (So Far)

SYDNEY, Australia — No doubt you have read the recent headlines about patients who recovered from Covid-19 only to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 again later...