Google issues warning to all users over huge password mistake that could get you hacked and your bank drained
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GOOGLE has some great password advice for all users and it’s worth listening too.

A weak password leaves you very vulnerable to hacks and even a bank-draining attack.

A password containing personal information is a bad idea, according to Google


A password containing personal information is a bad idea, according to GoogleCredit: Getty

Google says on its website: “Avoid creating passwords from information that others might know about you or could easily find out.”

It’s very common to create a password with the name of a loved one or a pet.

That may make it easy to remember but it’s not worth the risk.

Google continued: “You should avoid using information like your nickname or initials, the name of your child or pet, your birthday or birth year, your phone number and your street name or street number.

“Avoid using any easily accessible information that people can learn from your social media profiles.”

If you have public social media profiles, it can be very easy for hackers to find out personal information without you realizing.

This includes you birthday, dogs name, and even where you live.

If you’re positing this kind of connect, avoid using any of that information as part of your passwords.

Generally, the best thing to do is think of a complicated password and use a passowrd manager to remember it.

A password manager is like an encrypted vault that remembers all your passwords for you.

You just need to set it up on your device of choice and let passwords automatically fill themselves in.

Good password manager apps have password generators built.

That means they can pick a safe password for you.

If you use an iPhone you should make the most of iCloud Keychain, which is Apple’s own password manager.

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