I'm FURIOUS at hubby for using son's photo as iPhone wallpaper – am I wrong?
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A WOMAN who forced her new hubby to remove her son’s photo from his iPhone wallpaper has been called “extremely paranoid” by stunned observers.

The newlyweds got into a tense argument while out for dinner one night as she went to use her other half’s phone.

Woman says she worries because "creeps" could see her son's photo in a bar


Woman says she worries because “creeps” could see her son’s photo in a barCredit: Getty

Her 5-year-old boy is from a previous marriage but the new partner “adores him”.

“I unlocked the screen and saw my son’s pic set as the homescreen wallpaper,” the unidentified woman revealed on Reddit.

“I asked my husband how long it’s been there and he said 2 months.

“I got upset and pointed out that it was not wise of him to use a pic of my son as his homescreen wallpaper for strangers to see.”

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The husband tried to reassure her by saying “almost no one touches his phone” for strangers to see it.

In the end, the squabble got so bad she paid her part of the bill and left the restaurant, while the man stayed in a hotel for the night.

“He decided to stay at a hotel because he was ‘overwhelmed’ and texted me about how deeply I hurt him and told me he removed the picture entirely from his phone if that would make me happy,” she continued.

“Then went on to say I overreacted and by the looks of it, he’s expecting an apology from ME!! after what happened.”

The woman shared the incident to users on Reddit, asking whether she was in the right or wrong.

But the reaction was not in her favour.

“You owe him a huge apology,” one comment that was liked more than 68,000 times said.

“You’re being extremely paranoid that somebody is going to see a picture of your child.

“He loves and adores your son which is exactly what you should want from a man who is going to live in your house and be a crucial part of his life as he grows.”

“I don’t understand this,” another said.

“Like, yes someone might see a picture of your son.

“But they might also see your son’s face when he is out and about.

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“Do you put a paper bag over your son’s face whenever they are out in public?”

The woman attempted to defend her position, saying: “There are places my son can’t go and God knows where my husband hangs during the day from bars to gas stations full of all types of people that are just creeps.”

It's not clear whether the woman apologised to her husband in the end


It’s not clear whether the woman apologised to her husband in the endCredit: Alamy

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