People are just realising you can see if cheeky neighbours are STEALING your Wi-Fi - and block them instantly
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IF your Wi-Fi has becoming strangely slow it might be because someone is stealing your connection.

This can happen for various reasons.

Find out who is using your Wi-Fi


Find out who is using your Wi-FiCredit: Getty

Perhaps you forgot you lent it to a neighbour in difficulty years ago and didn’t realise they’re still freeloading from it.

Whatever the reason, there’s actually a way you can see a list of all the devices using your broadband.

Each router and service provider may vary in how it does this, so do check with their website.

But in many cases it starts with a simple code you type into your web browser.

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So try either of these and see if it works. or

You’ll usually have to enter a password which is found on the bottom or back of your router.

Once through, there are various hidden settings to discover.

Here you’ll see a long list of devices with access to your Wi-Fi right now.

Some names will be familiar – such as Ring or laptop names.

Others will simply be numbers and letters or even just state “unknown”.

If you want to block any, your provider may provide the option here – though you should consult with their instructions.

And it may take some trial and error for the unknown ones, so be prepared to block some of your own devices – and know how to unblock them before proceeding.

Some like Virgin Media have a dedicated app – Virgin Media Connect – so you can see the list and block individual devices from there.

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