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Tell us about your first post-lockdown holiday – was it disappointing, or worth the wait?

While some remain reticent to travel, millions of Britons have already returned from their first post-pandemic holidays – indeed, around 600,000 of us were in Spain when the Government put the entire country on the quarantine naughty step last month. 

Telegraph Travel’s writers have filed postcards from France, Malta, the Greek islands, Iceland and Amsterdam in recent weeks, as well as various corners of the UK, and they reported both pros and cons when it comes to Covid-era holidays. 

On the plus side, beaches and attractions are often quieter, and – deprived of income for four months – tourism workers are rolling out the red carpet. On the other hand, the new rules around masks and social distancing can make relaxation difficult, while some locals – those that don’t rely on visitor spending – haven’t been so welcoming. There’s also the form-filling faff once you’re back on British soil

So what was your first post-lockdown break like? Where did you go and what did you learn? Was it worth the four-month wait or did you find it hard to get into the holiday spirit? Were the locals pleased to see you? Did you feel safe, or were the social distancing rules a little OTT? 

Please use the form below to share your experiences (you can even share a holiday snap). We’ll publish a round-up of the most interesting and insightful responses next week. 


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