bill belichick and adam thielen

People are curious to know if Bill Belichick and Adam Thielen have beef between them, as there were some awkward moments at the Saturday game. 

American professional football coach William Stephen Belichick serves as the National Football League’s (NFL) New England Patriots head coach. Since he has a big say in how the Patriots run their football operations, he is the team’s general manager.

One of the greatest coaches in history, he has several coaching records, including the record for the most Super Bowl victories as a head coach (six), all with the Patriots.

Moreover, he also has the record for the most Super Bowl victories as a defensive coordinator (two), giving him eight Super Bowl victories in his combined roles as coach and coordinator.

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Adam John Thielen plays wide receiver for the American football team Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League (NFL). 

He participated in collegiate football at Minnesota State before signing a free-agent contract with the Vikings in 2013. 

Thielen’s NFL records include 74 receptions in the first half of a season and eight straight games with 100+ yards receiving.

Awkward Moment Between Minnesota Vikings Bill Belichick And Adam Thielen

The head coach of the New England Patriots, Bill is renowned for his calm demeanor and quick thinking in crises. 

The best NFL coach of all time rarely allows his emotions to overwhelm him and is thought to be a robot since he hardly ever displays any emotion. But in 2018, the HC snapped, calling it a miracle or a coincidence.

The Minnesota Vikings & the New England Patriots squared off on Thursday Night Football. Belichick had little patience for any bull jive as he tried to rally his squad after losing the game 33–26.

Bill Belichik And Adam Thielen
Bill Belichick And Adam Thielen Awkward Handshake After The Match (Source: Total Pro Sports)

But he could have managed to achieve that. Members of both teams routinely shake hands with their opponents after a game as a sign of sportsmanship. 

Adam Thielen is seen unsuccessfully attempting to shake Belichick’s hand and offer him a pat on the back. Bill Belichick does the most Bill thing by giving him the cold shoulder, glancing at him, and then going right past him.

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Adam Thielen is still joyful because he exacted revenge on the Patriots and Bill Belichick in particular by helping the Minnesota Vikings score the game-winning touchdown in the game’s final period. Belichick and Thielen engaged in a heated debate in 2018.

What Happened Between Bill Belichick and Adam Thielen In 2018? 

Is there still a rift between Bill Belichick and Adam Thielen?

In 2018, Thielen became furious at the officials for allowing Belichick to throw a challenge flag despite the legendary head coach spending significantly longer than usual to locate the flag hidden in one of his socks. Belichick appeared to scream, “shut the f*** up” at Thielen.

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick, and Adam Thielen has a heated exchange during Patriots-Vikings. (Source: NBC Sports)

Greetings for the holidays only. At that point, Belichick answered, “Yeah, pretty much.”

The drama has taken on a new level following Minnesota’s 33-26 victory over the Patriots on Thursday night.

Cameras saw Thielen patting Belichick on the back after the victory as the 70-year-old coach continued to move. No words, no thanks in return. The briefest of handshakes, if not the briefest at all.

Regarding the 2018 incident, Thielen said he lost his composure and is fiery. Still, in a more recent interview with Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic, Thielen acknowledged that Belichick’s profanity bothered him.

It was undoubtedly excessive, Thielen stated. Since I dropped the ball two plays later, I can honestly say that it affected me. I had already crossed the line.

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This week, a newspaper inquired about Thielen’s temperament after Belichick claimed that he excels at making difficult catches. The only response from Belichick was, “Yeah.”

It at least makes for an intriguing side story for future encounters between the two.

Thielen had nine receptions for 61 yards on Thursday night and the decisive touchdown. The victory raised the Vikings to 9-2 while dropping the Patriots to 6-5.

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