Judge Lynn Toler Meets With Ashanti’s BFF On ‘Commit Or Quit’
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Are y’all excited to see the premiere of Judge Lynn Toler’s new show ‘Commit Or Quit’?

Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler

Source: Courtesy WeTV / WeTV

Couples in crisis turn to the honorable Judge Lynn Toler for a life altering decision to get married or break up for good in the new WE tv series, “Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler,” premiering Thursday, May 12 at 10pm on WE tv. In the eight, one-hour episodes, eight couples are under Judge Lynn Toler’s microscope. Secrets are exposed, core issues uncovered, and those closest to them give shocking testimony. When it’s all said and done, ultimately, it’s up to the Judge to have them…Commit or Quit! New episodes become available on popular AMC streaming service ALLBLK, every Monday following their premiere on WE tv.

In the premiere episode we’ll meet Ashanti (25) and Christopher (37) who have been dating almost two years. After snooping through each other’s phone’s, a year ago, they found messages/evidence of their partner communicating with the opposite sex. After taking a break and agreeing not to date anyone, Ashanti broke the agreement as payback. Now, buried under a mountain of mistrust on both parts, Ashanti and Chris are trying to rekindle the spark they once had, rebuild their relationship, and regain each other’s trust. They need Judge Toler’s help to decided if they truly have a future together, or if it’s time to let this relationship go for good.

We’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from the premiere where Judge Toler meets with Ashanti’s best friend Kai D.

Dang — KaiD let it all out! We gotta know why he rolled up to the meeting in that bonnet though. With the braids hanging out too!

Here’s a little more about the show:

Each couple’s home will be installed with surveillance cameras, so Judge Lynn Toler will be able to monitor their every interaction, including the disagreements and the makeups. Through a combination of life experiences, judicial wisdom, street smarts, cutting edge technology, and the sworn testimony of those closest to the couples, Judge Toler will carefully review each case (relationship) before revealing the ultimate verdict. For unhitched couples who “commit,” Judge Toler marries them on the spot and for those who “quit,” they break up for good. Married couples who “commit” will renew their vows, but for those who “quit,” Judge Toler will rule for divorce on the spot. She lets the couples know she is not here to play games but rather get to the bottom of each of their core issues and decide once and for all – Commit or Quit!

‘Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler’ premieres Thursday, May 12th at 10PM ET/9 PM CT on WeTV

Will you be watching?

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