What Happened To Pierre Rinfret? How Did Radio Columnist Die Age, Wife & Family
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What Happened To Pierre Rinfret? Pierre Rinfret, a radio writer, died on Friday, according to 91.9 Sports on Twitter. At the age of 72, he died of cancer.

In addition to working with 91.9 Sports for the previous seven years, Pierre Rinfret has also worked for TVA Sports.

What Happened To Pierre Rinfret? How Did Radio Columnist Die Age, Wife & Family

In the 1980s, he worked for TVA, describing hockey games on television and then on the radio. He was also a panelist on the now-defunct TQS show “110 percent.”

What Happened To Pierre Rinfret? Radio Columnist Died Age 72

The revelation of his death was confirmed by Montreal radio station 91.9 Sports on Friday morning, where Pierre Rinfret had worked since 2015. Despite being gravely ill, the host persisted in remaining in the air until last winter.

“He had his lung removed this winter, but he still wanted to come back and present his show on the weekends until February,” said Yves Bombardier, 91.9 Sports’ director of programming.

Pierre has become well-known among sports fans across the region, particularly on TVA and CKAC radio stations. During the 2000s, he used to stir up sentiments on the old show 110 percent on TQS, where it was not uncommon to see him lose his cool on stage.

He was employed as a reporter for Canadian games on the radio during the end of the 1990s, with Michel Bergeron, who served as an analyst beside him.

Meet Pierre Rinfret Wife

Pierre Rinfret’s personal details have not been disclosed on the internet. Thus there is no information about his wife.

“Pierre Rinfret, my friend, has passed away. This morning, he left us. He’ll have spent the rest of his life doing what he loved. He walked away comfortable and at ease.”

“My heartfelt sympathies to anyone who enjoyed listening to him, including his daughter Camille, family, and friends. Rest in peace, dear friend,” said host Jean-Charles Lajoie on Twitter.”

As per this tweet, we can confirm that Pierre had a daughter named Camille.

What Was Pierre Rinfret Net Worth?

Pierre Rinfret’s financial details are not revealed. However, we believe that as a radio host he must have earned a decent amount.

The wages of Radio Talk Show Hosts in the United States range from $18,000 to $86,780, with a median income of $30,960, according to Comparably.

The middle 67 percent of Radio Talk Show Hosts earn $30,960 to $48,910 per year, while the top 67 percent earn $86,780 per year. As a result, he may have earned anywhere in this range.

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