What Illness Does Sports Commentator Mike Lange Have? Fans Worried About His Health
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Mike Lange was diagnosed with pneumonia in April of 2019, Due to an unfavorable response to pneumonia medicine, the Penguins’ radio voice, had missed the start of the playoffs in the 2019 season.

Lange was hospitalized briefly and was recuperating at home. Pneumonia kept him out of the broadcast booth for the final three weeks of the season and the Penguins’ first-round exit to the New York Islanders.

Lange, 73, is a very quiet man who dislikes discussing his health.

Besides this, there are no reports suggesting his illness and sickness. However, Lange has called his final Penguins game on August 2021, after 46 years in the broadcast booth.

Lange will not return to play-by-play duties when the season resumes in the autumn, according to the team. On the team’s radio network, Lange will continue to contribute analysis and voiceover work.

“Thank God, it’s not like something unexpected happened to him physically.” Lange’s longtime broadcast colleague and close friend Phil Bourque stated, “I’ve been preparing myself for this for the last two years.”

“But it still rips at your emotions when it gets to the final-final because you know how much Mikey puts his heart into what he does.”

“As many of you are aware, I have been reducing my game broadcasts in recent seasons. With the epidemic this year, it was challenging, but I was still able to broadcast a handful, which was significant to me.”

“That celebrated 50 years of professional hockey broadcasting, with four years in the Western Hockey League and 46 with the Pittsburgh Penguins. In a statement made by the team, Lange remarked, “That was really amazing for me.”

“I wasn’t duped in my desire to achieve what I’ve always wanted to do. The Penguins have requested me to continue to contribute analysis and voice work to the existing radio setup on a limited basis, and I am excited to do so,” said Lange.

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