What Is Wrong With Jannero Pargo Teeth? Malaysia Pargo Ex-Husband – Age And Salary Update
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What Is Wrong With Jannero Pargo Teeth? Malaysia Pargo, Jannero Pargo’s ex-wife, returns in the current season of Basketball Wives. Something is wrong with the former basketball player’s teeth, according to fans. We take a peek at the Indiana Pacers assistant coach’s personal life in this article.

Jannero Pargo, a former basketball player, married Malaysia Pargo in 2006 and they have three children together. The pair, on the other hand, divorced in 2014.

Malaysia Pargo appears in the latest season of Basketball Wives alongside other basketball players’ wife and ex-wives. On May 16, the series debuted on VH1.

What Is Wrong With Jannero Pargo Teeth?

Despite the rumors circulating on the internet that there is something wrong with Jannero Pargo’s teeth, it can be confirmed that the basketball coach’s teeth are in fine condition now. However, the upper teeth were slightly clipped during his playing days.

The basketball coach seems to have had a makeover of his teeth recently. His clipped teeth are gone, and now they seem perfectly aligned.

Moreover, Pargo currently is the assistant coach of the NBA team Indiana Pacers. He joined the Pacers on August 9, 2021. The team finished the 2021-22 season 4th in the Central Division and 13th in the Eastern Conference.

Jannero Pargo taking a shot with a basketball.
Jannero Pargo taking a shot with a basketball.

Malaysia Pargo Ex-Husband Age Details

Jannero Pargo is currently 42 years old. He was born on October 22, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 23, despite being undrafted in the NBA Draft, he joined Los Angeles Lakers in 2002 as a free agent.

Likewise, Malaysia Pargo was born on August 12, 1980, in Compton, California. She is currently 41 years old. She started dating Jannero in 2002 when she was just 21 years old. The couple has three children: Jannero Jr. born in 2007, and fraternal twins Jayden and Jayla born in 2011.

Malaysia Pargo is very famous on Instagram. She has a massive following of 2.8 million on Instagram. Her Insta id is @malaysiainthecity. Similarly, Jannero has around 10K followers on his Instagram @jpargo5.

Learn More About Jannero And Malaysia Pargo Salary

The exact salary of Jannero Pargo is unknown. However, he was signed to some lucrative contracts during his playing days. He signed a one-year, $3.8 million deal with Dynamo Moscow in Russia after the 2007-08 season.

Later in 2014, Pargo resigned with the Chicago Hornets to a reportedly $1.45 million contract. His current contract as an assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers is sure to make him a lot of money.

Malaysia and Jannero Pargo during their wedding.
Malaysia and Jannero Pargo during their wedding.

On the other hand, Malaysia Pargo is a businesswoman and owns several companies. She received the rights to 3BeatsL LLC after their divorce and got $400K as compensation from Jannero. She also got $15000 monthly for child support from her ex-husband Jannero.

Malaysia is the current owner of the clothing company Vanity World. The store sells dresses such as jumpsuits, swimwear, loungewear, gym dress, and other kinds of dresses.

Additionally, Malaysia Pargo is cast in the newest season of the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives. The series premiered on May 16, 2022.

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