Who Is Ladytaphos On Tiktok?
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Who Is Ladytaphos On Tiktok? On Tiktok, Alicia Williams aka Ladythaphos is known as the first grave cleaning lady. She is a Virginia woman who uses tombstone cleaning as a kind of therapy. Find out more about the internet sensation.

In her pursuit for inner serenity, Alicia tried an unexpected way. Her work serves as a therapeutic outlet for her personal suffering, she says.

Who Is Ladytaphos On Tiktok?

When the Virginia woman embraced the job of grave cleaning as therapy, she was going through a tumultuous divorce. She is now receiving a lot of attention from people all over the world for her excellent job.

Ladythaphos has successfully turned her pain into fame through her unique work. Here are more details on the OG grave cleaning lady.


Who Is Ladytaphos On Tiktok?

Ladytaphos is the Tiktok username of Alicia Williams from Virginia, who is famous around the world for her unique work of cleaning old gravestones. She started her journey as an outlet for the grief from her ghastly divorce.

Alicia Williams is a divorced mother who creates ASMR videos of grave headstone cleaning as a hobby and posts them to her Tiktok account Ladytaphos. She has gained a massive following of 2.7 million on Tiktok and her videos have 72 million likes.

@ladytaphos I shared this one last July on the same day I scrubbed it, but its transformation since then is breathtaking. I get a rush of serotonin to see it so improved. #foryou #gravestonecleaning #ladytaphos ♬ original sound – Alicia

Moreover, Williams was interested in genealogy from her teenage years. Her first cleaning was her great-grandmother’s sister Hattie’s gravestone. Williams recollects that she died at a young age and was buried alone and her family was buried somewhere else. 

Alicia Williams AKA Ladythaphos Age Details

The exact age of Alicia Williams is currently unknown. However, she was surely born in the late-1970s. She has posted a picture of herself on her Facebook from 1986 when she was in second grade.

Alicia divorced her husband in April 2013 and has had a rough life since then as she struggled through the difficult divorce. Then some years later, she picked up gravestone cleaning as a therapy. She has cleaned numerous gravestones in Bedford’s Longwood Cemetary.

The custody of her children was adjusted to sharing between Alicia and her ex-husband. Alicia lives in Virginia whereas her ex-husband lives in Florida. So the children move from one parent to the another for months. As a result of loneliness, the mother took up grave cleaning.

Ladytaphos Wikipedia Biography

There is not an article about Ladytaphos on Wikipedia. She is currently not featured on the biography site. Nevertheless, here are details of her career and her life.

Ladytaphos usually posts a minute-long clip on her Tiktok of her starting the cleaning from scratch. She gives a small detail about the person in the grave and starts her cleaning process. Usually, her videos are ASMR, pleasing the viewers.

Additionally, Williams also shares how-tos to viewers on cleaning the plaques on a gravestone. She usually uses D/2 Biological Solution for cleaning. She recommends low-pressure sprayers instead of high-pressure ones.

Alicia is on Instagram as ladytaphos and has 80K followers.

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