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Tatiana Perebyynis Wiki

                                      Tatiana Perebyynis Biography

Who is Tatiana Perebyynis?

A grieving father paid tribute to his wife and two children who were killed by Russian forces as they fled the Ukrainian city of Irpin.

Serhiy Perebyynis shared pictures of Tatiana Perebyynis and her children Alise and Nikita on Facebook and wrote “forgive me I didn’t cover you”.

Perebyynis also shared a photo of the family’s two dogs, one of which was killed in the attack.

It has not been confirmed, but the mother and two children are reported to be the three people who were photographed dead on the roadside after Russian forces began shelling the small town near Kiev on March 6.

The road was reported to be inside a humanitarian corridor where a ceasefire had been agreed with Moscow to allow civilians to leave the city safely.

Perebyynis wrote on Facebook: “He took them all. Tanya couldn’t do it.”


Perebyynis later confirmed that one of the dogs had died, while another was found in a clinic after being rescued by a journalist.

Ms. Perebyynis’s friend, Irina Nedava, also paid tribute to the family on Facebook.

She wrote: “Our friend… her children – Nikita and Alise, the godfather and godparents of my Polinochka were covered with mortar fire, leaving Irpen in the humanitarian corridor… Tanya did not dare to leave her house for so long, because his parents are sick: the father is a cardiologist and the mother is in a wheelchair with Alzheimer’s disease.

Source: wikisoon

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