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Who was Bradley Lester Byrne?

ONE FAMILY was devastated after their “amazing” father was killed in a St. Stephen’s knife stabbed six years after his brother died in a car accident.

Dad Coley Byrne, 26, was killed Sunday night after a festive celebration at his local pub ended in horror.

Bradley Lester Byrne, 19, was killed in a car accident in 2015 Credit: North Yorkshire Police
Friends paid tribute to ‘amazing’ Coley Byrne

Police were called to The Gypsy Queen pub in Sheffield around 10 p.m. from yesterday.

His killer is still at large.

Shocked friends paying tribute on the scene, The Gypsy Queen in Beighton, near Sheffield, South Yorks, recounted how it was the second tragedy to hit the family.

Her brother Bradley Lester Byrne, 19, of Sheffield, was driving a car that collided with a pickup truck on the A57 at Beighton in 2015.

A tearful friend, who declined to be identified, said: “Coley was a good boy, she is very sad.

“Her mother hers has lost two children now. Her brother died in a car accident several years ago.

“Coley was devastated and never got over the loss of her younger brother. She had a huge tattoo of her car with inked alloy wheels on her arm in memory of him.

“At least now she will be reunited with her brother. They were so close and only a year apart.”


Coley’s 19-year-old brother Bradley died in a car accident in Beighton in August 2015.

The tragic teenager was driving his beloved black Seat Leon that was involved in a collision with a Renault pickup.

After his death, Coley changed her Facebook name to Coley Ripbrad Byrne.

Police have launched a murder investigation and are asking for witnesses after Coley was stabbed to death. He was pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital.

The pub where a fight broke out around 10pm on St. Stephen’s Day remains cordoned off.

Nicole Sheldon posted: “I literally have no words. Truly heartbreaking and devastating. My heart goes out to her family and her babies.

“You will meet your Brad now. Taken too soon “.

Ollie Bradbury added: “Rip Coley Ripbrad Byrne, always one to remember, especially that cheeky smile. Everybody will miss you bruv, fly high with Brad. ”

Rochelle Bethany wrote: “Since we were children, you have always been by my side, we were a brother of the team. You did anything for me.

“I just want this bad nightmare we are in to end. I will miss you forever and I will never forget you.”

Ash Broughton said: “Waking up this morning to discover that you have passed away has devastated me, I am one of the most real men I have had the pleasure to call my friend.

“Always smiling, always creepy and it was always good to see your face. Heaven has won an amazing man.”

A South Yorkshire police spokesman said: “There have been no arrests yet, but investigations are ongoing. Formal identification has not yet been made.”

Anyone with information should call 101, citing incident number 845 on December 26.

Source: wikisoon

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